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“I’m Handicapped” Jake Paul releases controversial sparring session with Hasim Rahman Jr in its entirety

The YouTuber has released footage from over two years ago showing a sparring session between him and the Heavyweight boxer. This was in preparation for the Nate Diaz fight

Hasim has for years pointed out that sparring sessions with Jake had to be under some sort of handicap

Jake Paul’s PR push after canceling the Hasim Rahman Jr fight is in full force. The pair were supposed to headline a boxing card at the MSG this past weekend but the fight was called off by Jake and his promoters a week out of the fight.

In his latest attempt to wash his name off the label of ducking Hasim Rahman Jr, the Youtuber has finally released the controversial sparring footage that formed the basis of the entire rivalry.

During the preparation for his fight against Nate Robinson, Rahman was called in as a sparring partner for Paul who was still very green in his boxing career. After the 5 round session however, the two almost got into an altercation thanks to Paul’s antics after.

The controversial sparring footage was shared in its entirety to Paul’s YouTube channel today in lieu of the canceled PPV and objectively speaking it doesn’t look good.

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Jake Paul punches air and celebrates “victory” over Hasim Rahman Jr in sparring session

Rahman and Paul during their first press conference

While the footage is from 2020, it’s safe to assume Paul has cleared leaps and miles in terms of boxing ability since his Nate Robinson fight, however standard Paul practices like showboating and keeping his guard down, throwing punches from his stomach were all too prevalent.

The footage also reveals that while not explicitly stated before or during the session, Rahaman Jr was handicapped in the sense that he rarely used his right hand, using his lead throughout the fight. Moreover, Rahman fought the entire session out of an orthodox stance compared to his standard Southpaw.

In the ring, Jake was heavily relying on dipping jabs that often missed the mark. A more skilled boxer would have caught him multiple times as he leaped into range over and over. Even Hasim managed to counter this multiple times using only his lead-to-land light uppercuts.

Rounds 1-3 saw mostly no connections from Jake with many instances of him “running away” as Rahman entered the pocket. Round 4 saw Hasim land a short right, something that Jake wasn’t expecting considering the handicap that caught the YouTuber off-guard and on his back foot. This is when Rahman was at his best, talking trash and motivating Jake to be precise with his shots.

The fifth and final round saw Paul work on the offense with Rahman seemingly choosing to play defense and letting Jake work his craft. This round saw a few hooks that connected from Jake along with some jabs that found the mark. However, as the round ended, Jake would jump on to the turnbuckle and celebrate screaming, “And Still” clarifying the “Amateur A**hole” dig by Rahman during the press conference

Though the pair almost came to blows once the headgear was off, they were quickly separated by others in the gym. Jake can be heard saying, “Got beat by a YouTuber, I’d be mad too” further proving Rahman Jr’s point that Jake sees sparring sessions as competitions instead of what they are, training.

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