KSI’s Misfits sever ties with influencer boxer amidst scandal involving a minor on OnlyFans video

Influencer Uncle Pizza was cut off from KSI's boxing promotion, Misfits Boxing, amid controversy surrounding him and a 15-year-old girl.

KSI’s Misfits sever ties with influencer boxer amidst scandal involving a minor on OnlyFans video

KSI's boxing promotion cuts ties with Uncle Pizza amid controversey (Image via Imago/X)

Christian Wardy, also known as Uncle Pizza, is a social media influencer associated with KSI‘s Misfits Boxing. Recently, there have been a few controversies surrounding him. He gained attention for saving a woman in a viral street brawl.

However, there’s a tweet stating that Misfits Boxing will no longer be working with Uncle Pizza. Uncle Pizza was exposed for inappropriate behavior, leading to Misfits cutting ties with him. Mams Taylor took to X and wrote, “Misfits boxing will no longer be working with Uncle Pizza”.


Promotions in various industries, including wrestling and MMA, often sever ties with individuals or entities involved in controversy. Uncle Pizza reportedly prompted and had inappropriate talks with the minor on Instagram.

The screenshots revealed that he talked about filming an adult video with an OnlyFans model and her supporting him in it with external camera work. The conversation moved to Snapchat, where he acknowledged that she was too young but yet continued the conversation with her.

Reportedly, he denied all allegations, saying that it was not him. He recently won a match by split decision, as reported on Instagram by MisfitsBoxing. Christian Wardy had a professional boxing record of a single win and no loss (1-0-0). He gained attention for rescuing a woman from her intoxicated boyfriend.


The incident captured in a video circulating online showed Uncle Pizza’s intervening to prevent harm to the woman. His involvement in the incident has contributed to his growing popularity on social media.

Internet reacts to KSI’s Misfits Boxing cutting ties with Uncle Pizza amid controversy

The Internet is the first to know about such controversy surrounding figures in the public space. Netizens have reacted to the controversial nature of the situation and Misfits cutting off ties with Uncle Pizza. Here are some of the reactions from X.

KSI started Misfits Boxing in 2021 (Image via Imago)

Launched in 2022, Misfits is a boxing promotion founded by KSI and run by Mams, affiliated with the Wasserman Group since 2021. 2023 marked the second year for Misfits Boxing, hosting eight events. The promotion aims to produce entertaining and unique boxing events. KSI pledged to deliver “incredible events” through Misfits Boxing.


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