Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr in danger as doctors predict that the fight could prove fatal for the boxers


As the speculations were there that Mike Tyson (54) will return back to the ring. Besides, it was also being speculated that another grandmaster of tribal skills, Roy Jones Jr (51) will also return back and the two can be seen fighting in the ring.

The return of these could had been a great spectacle. The humanitarian clash of these two legends was then scheduled for September 12 by world boxing. But the doctors have now advised these two boxing champions to not play with their heads and cancel the humanitarian match.

But this prediction is not supported by all doctors. The doctors have even predicted that the fight could be fatal for the boxers. According to Independent, the former Champions were advised to lack ideas, regardless of the fact that the organizer introduced the rule that there should be no knockouts and that the match should be stopped at the first cut.

As we get older, we become more vulnerable and our brains need much more time to recover from injuries,” said Luke Griggs, the deputy head of the famous Hadway said about the fatality of the fight. He further said that this fight was a dangerous idea and could leave fighters with serious injuries and even dead.

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