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“I prayed for death”- Tyson Fury lifts the lid on his battle with suicidal thoughts

Tyson Fury shares a very emotional message in his new feature on BT Sport boxing ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Tyson Fury talks about his battles with depression

Tyson Fury has one of the most inspiring stories in world sports. The heavyweight champion boxer has been through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs in his life.

Tyson Fury might be a happy man now but the Gypsy King had to fight his way out of a load of mental health problems that even made the boxer contemplate killing himself. The UK boxer had everything he needed in this world but nothing could fill the void in his head that is depression.

In a recent feature for BT Sport boxing ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, the heavyweight champion of the world decided to share his ongoing struggle with depression and his past troubles with suicide attempts. Gypsy King has never shied away from letting his fans know the dark truths of his life and how he overcame his suicidal thoughts.

“I was depressed and didn’t want to live,” says Fury. “I really wanted to die. I wanted to date the deathman. In my mind, nothing was worth living for…even being the lineal champion in the world and beating all the champions, it didn’t mean anything.”

Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury reveals he wanted to drink himself to death

Tyson Fury

In the video dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, Tyson talks about his past when he tried to kill himself. The first choice of weapon for the heavyweight fighter was to overdose on alcohol. The Gypsy King also reveals the horrifying story of him trying to kill himself on the bridge with a supercar. The fighter says he stopped last moment and that’s when he started to take his mental health issues seriously.

Tyson is coming off a win against Dillian Whyte at the Wembley Stadium in London for the WBC heavyweight championship belt. Whyte got knocked out by Fury in the sixth round as the packed Wembley Arena stood in awe of the Gyspy King’s performance. Following his win over Whyte, Tyson announced his retirement and said he will never fight again professionally.

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