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Popular internet personality gets smacked around by Logan Paul in the latest clip

Logan Paul recently slapped another YouTuber Anwar Jibawi. Here is a story

Logan Paul

Logan Paul gives a tight slap to Anwar Jibawi at Coachella 2022 at the world-famous Coachella music and art festival 2022. It started recently at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Coachella is extremely famous for being the hub of all pop culture artists to come and have a good time. This year, it was even better as the festival was flooded by many fans as well as celebrities.

Current year’s performance lineup included some top music artists and performers such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Justin Bieber etc.

Other than the mainstream artists many YouTube superstars were also present there having their chill time. In between all this, an incident took place between Logan Paul and Anwar Jibawi that gathered great attention online.

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Logan Paul hits YouTube star Anwar Jibawi at Coachella music and art festival

Popular internet personality gets smacked around by Logan Paul in the latest clip 2

Jibawi recently posted a clip on his official Twitter account in which he can be seen with Paul.

The video was taken at the ongoing Coachella festival where both the internet celebrities came face to face. In the clip, Anwar spotted Paul and suddenly things got heated up when he took off his shirt. It was almost like Jibawi was trying to prompt Paul to get into a scuffle in the public. After that, when Jibawi tried to get closer to Paul, the 27-year-old landed a clean slap on his face.

After being hit by the slap, Jibawi was floored but instantly stood to act as if nothing happened. In the captions, Jibawi claimed that Logan caught him when he wasn’t paying attention. “He caught me off guard @LoganPaul,” wrote Jibawi.

Twitter went crazy as fans called out this whole scenario as an act of entertainment. It’s only obvious for fans to think like that as Jibawi is famous for the hilarious skits that he posts on YouTube and Instagram. Secondly, Paul is also himself a great entertainer and it won’t be surprising for him to agree to do something like this for the sake of a little laugh.

Under the post, one Twitter user mentioned that it’s very much possible for Paul to fake a shot as he was recently a part of WWE. He wrote:
Logan’s been in WWE so he’s probably really good at faking these by now.”

Whatever the intention may be, it was really funny, entertaining and confusing for many fans and followers.

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