DAZN name their top 10 heavyweights of all time – Tyson Fury makes the cut

Here is the latest list released by DAZN featuring the all-time heavyweight boxing greats.

Tyson Fury top 10 heavyweights
Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis

Tyson Fury etched his name among greatness after his win over Deontay Wilder in a trilogy fight. ‘The Gypsy King’ saw off the ‘Bronze Bomber’ in the 11th round of the fight to seal the deal in their rivalry. Fury took an unassailable 2-0-1 lead against Wilder. The knockout blow was so vicious that Wilder was knocked out cold for the first time in his 40+ fight career.

Fury’s win opened a debate about the Mancunian being right up there with the greats. With 31 wins and no losses, and an inspirational defeat of a mental illness, the Brit deserves it all to be named in the all-time great list. In the latest top-10 all-time heavyweight greats in the history of boxing named by DAZN, Tyson Fury did find a place.

The list predominantly had the usual suspects, right from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson. However, none of the fighters in the list, barring Lennox Lewis were remotely close to Fury’s 6 foot 9 inch frame. The man is an altogether different breed. It is worth noting that the list released by DAZN wasn’t ranked.

Top 10 heavyweights of all time – From Rocky Marciano to Tyson Fury

Rocky Marciano: Rocky Marciano was literally untouchable in his prime. The late boxer fought 49 fights and won all 49. Besides this he held the world heavyweight title for a period of 4 years – from 1952 to 1956.

Joe Louis: Joe Louis is considered to be one of the most influential boxers of all time. In fact, Deontay Wilder’s nickname ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is inspired by Louis’. He was known as the ‘Brown Bomber’. Louis finished his career with a record of 66 wins and 3 losses.

Tyson Fury: Tyson Fury is the only boxer from the last 10 years to feature in this list. ‘The Gypsy King’ brings a whole new approach to the ring, never seen before. He is still competing, and has a record of 31 wins, 0 losses and 1 draw.

George Foreman: ‘Big George Foreman’ was a force to be reckoned with, in his prime. With over 80 fights to his name, Foreman won more than 75 fights, and held a number of titles during the course of his career.

Mike Tyson: The list would be incomplete without ‘Iron Mike Tyson’. He is still considered to be the most dominant heavyweight in the history of the sport. A phenomenal punching power that can even shatter the ‘Walls of Jericho’, Tyson dominated the late 90s and the early 90s.

Evander Holyfield: Mike Tyson’s on-court nemesis, Evander Holyfield was built like a tank. In fact he looks in shape till this day. Who could forget ‘The Real Deal’s 2 fights with Tyson. He retired with a record of 44 wins, 10 losses and 2 draws.

Joe Frazier: Muhammad Ali’s kryptonite. Frazier known for his phenomenal punching power, was the first man to defeat Muhammad Ali. Although, Ali exacted revenge in the next two fights, his first fight against the ‘GOAT’ will forever be remembered.

Muhammad Ali: The GOAT himself. Muhammad Ali brought a ton of eyeballs to the sport. Nicknamed ‘The Greatest’ he changed the dynamics of the sport during the late 60s and the early 70s. Ali retired with a record of 56 wins and 5 losses.

Lennox Lewis: A modern-day heavyweight. Standing at 6 feet 5 inches, the Brit was known for his ferocious knockout power. He has victories over the likes of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Vitali Klitschko.

Larry Holmes: Larry Holmes competed for a staggering 30 years. Nicknamed the Easton Assassin, Holmes retired with a record of 69 wins and 6 losses. He holds a victory over Muhammad Ali as well.

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