Breaking down Leon Edwards weakness in the octagon

Despite being an exceptionally amazing fighter Leon Edwards still has some holes in his games that can be exploited by Nate Diaz in their next fight, today we will talk about Leon Edwards weakness in the octagon.

Leon Edwards ufc 263
Leon Edwards
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Leon “Rocky” Edwards is going to face the “Stockton Slugger” Nate Diaz in the fight for possibly the number 1 title challenger, Leon is a tough opponent but you can never count Nate out, today we will discuss Leon Edwards weakness in the ring, and how Nate can capitalize on them to earn himself a title shot.

Edwards is the number 3 ranked welterweight in the UFC, he holds a professional record of 18-3. Leon is an exceptional striker and his fighting style is rather unique considering he is a southpaw. Leon likes to push the pace of the fight and draw his opponent towards him, he is an excellent counter striker and he has been really successful in his past fights.

Unlike other southpaws he likes to fight from the outside and sticks his jab pretty accurately, this opens up a variety of follow up strikes including his rear hand and devastating kicks, but there are two aspects of his game that can be exploited by Nate Diaz and can cause him this match.

Which one of Leon Edwards weakness Nate Diaz can exploit in their fight

Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz
Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz

Edwards is a kickboxer, and his last loss came against Kamaru Usman who forced his dominating wrestling against him and secured the decision victory, this provided a blueprint for many fighters and showed that wrestling was one of Leon Edwards weakness.

But after this fight Leon spent some time at the AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) to work on his takedown defense and grappling, he worked with some big names from the wrestling circuit like Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Cain Valesquez. This improved his wrestling leaps and bounds and he showed improvement in his prior fights.

Jiu-Jitsu is another aspect of his game that Nate Diaz can exploit, Nate is known to have an amazing submission game, he might now be a heavy ground and impound artist but he sure has plenty of tricks in his bag when it comes to submission.

Due to his training in wrestling once Edwards gains control of an opponent on the ground he tries to move to their back almost every time, and with a BJJ expert like Nate, he won’t be able to make this transition so easily.

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