Brenda Patea says she has “no contact” with Alexander Zverev, and accuses him of using their unborn child to mend his image

Alexander Zverev has been accused of lying by pregnant ex girlfriend Brenda Patea . Patea claims that Zverev has been sharing his excitement on becoming a father in public, while in private he hasn't even spoken to her in 2 months.

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev
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Alexander Zverev Brenda Patea

Alexander Zverev is not a very popular man among ladies these days. In the past few weeks he has mentioned in the press that even though he and his girlfriend have broken up,  he is excited about his impending fatherhood, that it is ‘the highlight of his life’ , that the little girl will be ‘his priority’ etc. Normal fatherhood excitement you would imagine, but turns out that he hasn’t even spoken to his pregnant ex girlfriend, Brenda Patea, in the last two months. 

In an interview given to the German newspaper Bild. Brenda Patea, ex girlfriend of Zverev, and the mother of their unborn child has said that Zverev is saying all this in the media to clean his image. To show the world that he is a caring man. She went on to say that Zverev has not been in touch with her at all and she would in no way share custody of the daughter with her. 

Another ex of Alexander Zverev’s Olga Sharypova had accused him of domestic violence 

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Alexander Zverev Olga Sharypova

The day Brenda Patea announced her pregnancy, another ex-girlfriend of Alexander Zverev come out and said that she was the victim of domestic violence by Zverev. Olga Sharypova had chosen that date to tell the world that she had been subjected to domestic abuse to the point where she wanted to give up her life. These allegations have so far been categorically denied by Zverev. 

Tennis player supports Zverev’s ex

Daria Gavrilova when asked about this issue had said that the woman needs to be believed. She had added that in our society the general tendency is to blame the victim, but that must change. 

She says that Zverev is a friend and he must find a better way of reacting to the allegations made against him. Simply denying them is not good enough.

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