Bundesliga stars may have to wear masks during matches


Spiegel sports revealed that leaked documents in Germany from the Ministry of Labour have disclosed plans to equip both players and officials with “sport-appropriate mouth-nose protection,” for hosting Bundesliga matches in future.

The report claims that every footballer must follow the order that would include not touching the masks with there hands during a match and stop slipping in the ground while playing.

According to the documents every player will remove there mask after 15 minutes due to increase in the volume of oxygen and each match will be halted for 15 minutes.In a short game break, all players should stand away of 1.5 metre from other players.

Referees will also have the power to take action against any unnecessary contact such as hugging after scoring goals or wrangling around the ball, etc.The German Ministry of Labor have only drawn up the list of requirements as a first draft ahead of the Bundesliga’s scheduled return on May 9.

The Two top leagues in Germany could now return – behind closed doors – in just over a fortnight, according to plans set out by Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert.

He said “it’s not up to us to find a date. The political decision makers decide. We have not defined an exact date today. The fact that we are even able to think about resuming games underlines the performance of the German authorities. It would be presumptuous for the DFL to name an exact date for the restart.”


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