Bundesliga | Tuesday 19th May 2020: Results


German Football League Bundesliga has come up with its new matches held on 19th May as it is the first top European league to resume this weekend.

Earlier, 19th May Tuesday, here some glimpse of results, where a match between Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen was played.

Werder Bremen vs Bayer Leverkusen

Results: Bayer crushed Leverkusen with a spectacular 4-1 margin.

Werder Bremen
Goals: 1

T Gebre Selassie (30′)

Bayer Leverkusen
Goals: 4

K Havertz (28′,33′)
M Weiser (61′)
K Demirbay (78′)

K Havertz helped his team to win the match as he scored 2 goals against Werder Bremen in a recent match of Bundesliga League.

He also awarded Man of the Match as the 20-year-old pickup up where he left, scoring his fourth goal in his third league impression before the coronavirus shutdown.

Moussa Diaby also played incredibly generously, notching two assists.


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