Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant

The Butterfly Knife is one of the most stylish pieces of cosmetics in FPS games. This article covers the rumours of the Butterfly Knife coming to Valorant.

Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant
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A big part of Valorant has been its cosmetic game, and how skin purchases can be a major source of revenue for Riot Games. These skins can either be obtained from the battle pass(which can be purchased) or purchased from the store. The Night Market can also be used to purchase these skins. This article will cover the rumours of the coveted butterfly knife coming to Valorant.

Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant
Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant 4

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Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant:

It is no secret that a large portion of the Valorant player base comes from other games such as Rainbow 6, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and more importantly, CSGO. Many qualities of Valorant, including its cosmetics, is inspired by CSGO. For example, the Ruin Dagger in Valorant takes its inspiration from the Falchion Knife in CSGO and the Prime Knife is inspired by the Karambit in CSGO. After all this, Valorant players are now requesting the CSGO fan favourite Butterfly Knife to be introduced in Riot Game’s tactical shooter.

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Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant 5

Earlier this year, Riot Games released the Retake Cinematic for Valorant named Retake where Yoru was shown using a Butterfly Knife. Although this clip was only shown for a few seconds, it got fans around the globe very excited about a possible Butterfly Knife introduced in game.

Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant
Butterfly Knife Coming to Valorant 6

The third episode of Valorant recently went live with huge changes and a series of nerfs and buffs to different agents and weapons. The developers held an online press conference covering these different changes, where they also confirmed that a Butterfly Knife is indeed coming to Valorant.

Although we haven’t received an official date, the announcement alone is enough to get fans hyped up. The Butterfly Knife is a very popular cosmetic due to its exciting flipping and draw animations. The cost of the Butterfly Knife is also expected to be very high due to the demand around it.

The Butterfly Knife announcement came as a result of Riot Games’ discussion where they revealed that they have been listening to the community across social media and know exactly what they want. Although it may take some time, Riot will try to fulfill these requests and add fan-requested features to the game.

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