Call of Duty Mobile: 3 Best Shotguns in COD Mobile

KRM-262 can deploy about 98 points of damage and high accuracy. Read more below!

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty is the highest playing battle royale game in the whole world right now. As well as the competition also on the higher level. All you can do is to find the best weapons available to survive the madness on the battlefield. So here in this piece we come up with the 3 best shotguns in COD Mobile.

3 Best Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile: List of Guns

1. BY-15


Though shotguns and vary do not return at par in any Battle Royale game, BY15 provides a max. range of forty in COD Mobile. It conjointly has spectacular damage of ninety-eight, associate accuracy of forty-eight, and mobility of seventy-one. This weapon conjointly offers a one-shot kill in close battles, permitting an excellent ADS management of forty-two.

2. KRM-262


In a game where you kill every single enemy where it comes to close combat battles, there’s rarely any ability to get up in someone’s face. The KRM-262 is an ideal shotgun to use in face to face battles to give insane damage.

In Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile, the KRM-262 was introduced. The weapon is unlocked at player level 43. KRM-262 can deploy about 98 points of damage and high accuracy. The weapon’s increased range still doesn’t cover the distance of long-range.



This may be a nice weapon to knock down or kill enemies in shut vary. It offers a most harm of one hundred within the scattergun class of COD Mobile. The weapon has associate accuracy of forty five and a balanced management of forty two. It conjointly features a pretty smart vary of thirty seven.

The only downside of this weapon is its implements of war capability and also the time of reload. The scattergun (Shotguns)holds seven SG implements of war and takes a minimum of 2 seconds to settle the aim once every shot, and needs eight seconds of reloading time.

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