Call Of Duty Season 5 expected to release soon with some huge map changes


As we all know Call Of Duty is a very successful game battle royale game and almost everyone has heard of it. As per reports over 60 million players play the game worldwide. 

The success of the game means new seasons will be released. As per Video Game Chronicle the Call of Duty Warzone 5 will have multiple changes. The Chronicle said, “The changes include a revamp of the game’s large football stadium to include an open interior, and the addition of a loot-filled train which will continuously circle the game map, people involved with its development said.”

As per reports developers have been constantly making changes in the playlist both to Modern Warfare and Warzone. 

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There are also reports that Call of Duty Season 5 sets the stage for the 2020 title. There are changes that point towards the new Call of duty title which is rumoured to be ‘Black Ops: Cold’

According to VGC, “A new operator name ‘Wood’ has been uncovered in Warzone’s game files this week, which closely matches the name of Black Ops’ main protagonist and suggests he could be set to battle alongside Modern Warfare’s heroes.”

It means that players will have another code to crack. Further Warzone can be used as a primary platform in future to announce Call Of Duty titles.  

As people are waiting for Season 5, the speculation around this year’s Call Of Duty keeps growing.

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