Cancellation Of UFC 249 , After Decision Of ESPN, Disney to Halt Promotion Plans

PC : UFC Website

UFC 249 cancelled after decision taken by ESPN and Disney to halt promotions. UFC 249 is on halt for a long time . Some days ago It was decided by UFC President Dana White to continue the fights without audience.

He announced that , fights will be in tribal islands of California,s Central Valley. In an interview on ESPN ,White said that he got a call from the highest level asking him to cancel the shows.

White is frustrated by Disney,s decision because all his past months preparations for UFC 249 has no use now.  Preparation for UFC 249 is one of the most challenging work for fight promotion during his entire career after joining in 2001 as UFC President.

White also ensured his fighters not to worry about their financial part. He said to enjoy with your family , you are going to get a positive financial respose.


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