Rafael Nadal said ‘sorry’ after winning that match: Carlos Moyà


It was in 2003 when Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moyà joined tackle for the first time at Masters in Hamburg. In that tournament Nadal showed how talented he is and so good at Clay court.

A tournament in which the Spaniard, before falling in the third round against Gaston Gaudio eliminated Paul-Henri Mathieu and then the second seeding favourite Carlos Moyà.

A tournament in which every come came to know about the current world No.2, being just 16 at that time revealed all his immense potential on clay, no one ever imagined that tournament will give us the ultimate ‘King of clay’ and best of all time-players on all surfaces.

Coming back on Moya and Nadal the two countrymen, both originally from the island of Majorca, have known each other for many years now and even share a deep bond of friendship.

Recently Carlos Moyà opened up on and said, “Who was going to tell me that 15 years after that match, I was going to be here, at the Rafa Nadal Academe working with Rafael Nadal,” as quoted by TennisworldUSA.

“That day we were rivals. We were friends, training partners. And that day were were rivals for the first time in an official championship. At those times, they put the player’s names on the bench,” Moya added.

Carlos continued, “He (Nadal) entered first and went to sit on my bench. He obviously did not notice so I went in and said ‘Rafa this is my place, you have to go to yours’.”

“He respected me and when he beat me he was very shy, nervous and said, ‘I’m sorry I won’ I said ‘No worries’ I understand that it was first of the many times that he would beat me,” Moya concluded.

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