Carlos Sainz is confident at reproducing McLaren Success with Ferrari

Carlos Sainz emphasizes that he is keen to replicate the McLaren success with Ferrari

Carlos Sainz

As Carlos Sainz joins Ferrari in a very tricky and peculiar situation. He would be driving his first Ferrari towards the end of the month. The Spanish Driver is coming to Ferrari after an impressive season with McLaren. Ferrari endured their worst season since 1980 and have a lot of ground to make up to be able to compete with the likes of Mercedes.  

Ferrari has emphasized on the fact that the franchise is still recovering from last season and that immediate success might not to be guaranteed. But Sainz is certain that he can recreate his impressive performance with the Maranello-based outfit. Ferrari had a very difficult season because of lack of power courtesy of their castrated engine. 

Carlos Sainz optimistic about Ferrari’s upcoming season 

“If I could create a good team, generate good dynamics at McLaren, why not do it at Ferrari? I can do it. I like the people out there, I like Mattia (Binotto, team boss in Maranello) and I like what I see, what we have talked about. 

“There was no hesitation when it came to signing the contract and going forward. In my head there is no possibility that this environment and similar situation cannot be generated. If I could at McLaren, I can at Ferrari,” said the Spaniard. 

Sainz wants to work with Ferrari and help the team get out of this slump. 

However, he pointed out, “I don’t know, I have to see it. Once inside, I have to analyze the situation, and then contribute my knowledge and my way of doing things. 

“A team is a thousand people and the pilot can only put talent, speed and a direction in which the development of the team should go.” 

Having said that, Sainz would be driving alongside Charles Leclerc in the upcoming season. The much-hyped competition between the pair is surely one to focus on. 

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