Cavaliers News: Darius Garland reveals honest emotions on the heartbreaking final shot in a 1-point loss to Utah Jazz

Darius Garland is still stunned by his Clutch point miss that could have given the Cavaliers their 5th consecutive victory.

The Cycle of ifs and buts has often left people jolting in sleep and Darius Garland may have just entered one for himself. Darius Garland was drafted in 2019 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and since then has been an asset for the team’s play.

The Cleveland Cavaliers so far in the season have been constant in their plays without any improvements or deterioration but if they won’t pace up their speed then even the playoffs may seem a little tough.  With a score of 13-11, the Cavaliers sit at the 7th position in the Eastern Conference.

For the last couple of games the cavaliers tried maintaining a thread of consecutive wins but last night the streak finally saw its end. The Cavaliers met up with the Utah Jazz at the Rocket Mortgage Field house and competes for a win that has surely left a hard lesson for them.

Darius Garland- “It just didn’t fall tonight.”

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Cavaliers News: Darius Garland reveals honest emotions on the heartbreaking final shot in a 1-point loss to Utah Jazz 2

Darius Garland had on one of the most productive nights against the Utah Jazz. Being one of the only two players that dropped a 30 pointer game yesterday says a lot about his performance on the court. The other player who had a 30 pointer game is Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell with 35 points.

Last night would be something that Darius wouldn’t for time being because his one-shot could have changed the entire flow of the game. With 17.9 seconds remaining on the clock, the teams started from a time out with Cavaliers in possession of the ball.

The Cavaliers were just a point behind the Utah Jazz in 109-108. Rubio gets the ball from outside passes it to Darius who goes for a drive-in from the right but is blocked by two Jazz defenders under the ring. Seeing no option Garland throws back the ball outside the 3 pointer line to Markkanen in order to open up the defenders, and to increase the offensive chances. With 4.5 seconds Darius Shoots up a three-pointer from the sticker but misses it.

Things have been different like Cavaliers would have had their 5th consecutive win (if)t that shot was made. But let’s not blame Darius Garland because he is still growing and how just 2 years into NBA he’s already a strong pillar for the team then think about what havoc he would wreak when he evolves.

In the Post-match conference, it was evident how Darius was feeling guilty and was regretting those last moments. He said, “I work on that shot every day. It just didn’t fall tonight. My teammates told me it looked good. My coaches told me it looked good.”

Darius has been amazing this season. He scored a 32 pointer game against the Washington Wizards in his last match, and now this. He is recording his careers’ back-to-back 3 pointers but what are records if not met with uncertain obstacles.

Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff has no qualms regarding his decision of giving the ball to Darius at the clutch point. He said, “I’ve got full trust in him and his ability to create good shots. So if we had it over again, I’d do the same thing: put the ball in his hands and then make a play. He’s carrying us, and he’s accepted that responsibility. But what he’s doing is he’s taking the plays that are there for him.”

The team and the coach have put their faith in Darius Garland’s potential and skillet on the court. The head coach further talks about the loss won’t affect the mentality of the players because they are focused and some losses can’t break that. He said, “It’s a luxury to have guys that have seen it all and been through it all. So there’s no panic in them. There’s just a will to get the job done. They can help us through and navigate those tough times.”

Some of the fans took Twitter as a medium to send appreciation for the 21-year old NBA Star.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will continue their road game and will face off against the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow.

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