Celebrating the ‘victory of good over evil’ Akshay Kumar shares FAU-G Game teaser on Twitter

Akshay Kumar takes the release of FAUG to Twitter along with a trailer of the game and giving us a slight glimpse of the gameplay and how it will revolve.


The Ministry of Information and Technology bans more Chinese apps including popular PUBG Mobile in the country. This time the government has banned 118 China-based apps. and this makes for a big loss of Tencent, the parent company.

The ban of PUBG Mobile has disappointed many players in India. So not to make the gamers feel disappointed, India is set to launch FAUG.

Akshay Kumar will mentor this game and also as the game promoter helping to build a good gaming platform in India

All About FAUG:

The online Battle Royale games shooting games have been around for ages now. Several Shooting genre Games are available which one can play joyfully, aside from the popularized ones.

FAUG is one such Battle Royale that is exclusively designed by Indian Game Developers. Faug is one such game that Indians are looking for.

However, it is being developed by Indians and since it is, it contains many aspects of India.

 The game hasn’t revealed much of its aspects and features yet, we are sure that it contains story mode and a multiplayer mode.

What’s the point in playing a shooting game if it doesn’t have strong and advanced weapons? Reportedly, the game has a wide range of weapons.

Actor Akshay Kumar, ncore games, and CEO Vishal Gondal officially announces the release of FAUG today, along with a trailer of the game.

 It will be releasing very soon in Coming November 2020.

FAUG Releasing in November 2020 Announced officially:

The meaning of the first two lines in the tweet says:

Good Will always conquer the darkness’

‘The Light will always conquer the darkness’

As we all know according to Indian mythology Ravana kidnapped Rama’s wife Sita. Lord Rama managed to shoot an arrow in the belly of Ravana and killed him. That is why the Dussehra festival is celebrated as a victory of good over evil.

Hence Lord Rama had completely destroyed the whole clan and Kingdom of Rakshas. A new era started from here and people who lived in the darkness of fear were free and happy ever after marking this day as Dussehra.

The last line of the tweet says:

May victory bless fearless and United Guards, our FAUG

It says that our National guards aka Indian Army in the borders are fighting for the safety and wellness of our country sacrificing their lives. Let the almighty bless these United guards and bless us with Light.

The trailer shows that it is a multiplayer game, where the plot will be taking place in the border between two countries where we have to protect our border land from the evil (enemy team).

This gameplay will also have tasks which shows on what difficulties faced by the army during battles and have all kinds of Assault rifles and snipers’ helicopters, gallantry tanks and Grenades of all types.

As promised by the CEO and developers of the game that 20% of net revenue will be donated to Bharat ke Veer Trust that is to the Indian Army. It’s a win-win situation for all the developers, The government, the Indian Army, and the users.

So stop playing PUBG Mobile guys the country needs your support to start with FAUG and become a part of Make in India and help our National Guards.

Note: The above information is based on the the authors information and thinking.

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