CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained

This article explores the different CEO businesses in GTA Online along with their payouts and what to keep in mind while doing them

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
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CEO Businesses were added on December 15, 2015 as a part of the Executives and Other Criminals Update to GTA Online and further expanded in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update and the GTA Online Import Export Update. In this article we will be exploring all the businesses featured in these updates, the money making structure, the investments and more. This is the CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 7

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CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained

Executives and Other Criminals:

This update gave the players the chance to start their own criminal association and hire bodyguards to protect themselves. it also featured various VIP missions and challenges that the player could do to earn money. To start these missions, the player must have at least $1 Million in their bank account. These missions were:

VIP Work:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 8

Executive Search- Hide in a designated area on the map while other players try and find out your position. The player’s blip stays invisible on the map unless they stop moving. The player must stay hidden for 10 seconds, after which he receives a reward of $25000

Asset Recovery- The player must steal a Police car from any of the 5 given locations and deliver it safely to the drop off point before the timer ends. The reward is $10000 for a police car and $5000 for a police bike

Executive Deathmatch- A traditional deathmatch mode between 2 organizations. The reward is anywhere between $150000 to $20000 depending on the time taken and health lost

Hostile Takeover- The player must infiltrate a high security area and steal either a briefcase or a Rhino Tank and deliver it safely to the drop off for a reward of $10000

Piracy Prevention- This mission requires a Yacht to start. The Attacker has to use one of the various vehicles set on the nearby beach to get to the upper deck and stay there for 30 seconds while the defenders have to stop the attacker from doing so. Attackers respawn on the nearest beach while defenders respawn on the Yacht, The reward is $25000

Sightseer- The player must play the hack minigame on the phone to reveal the location of 3 packages hidden around the map and collect it before the time ends

Further Advances in Finance and Felony:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 9

This update revolutionized the way players earned money in GTA Online. It was the update that introduced the first real business, which required an investment but rewarded the players with some serious cash.

Special cargo Business:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 10

This business involves a player investing in a CEO Office and a warehouse that are found at various spots around the city. they can be purchased from the office computer. They differ in prices depending on the number of crates each can store. A small warehouse can store 16 crates at once, a medium stored 42 crates and a large warehouse stores 111 crates at once.

To start a special Cargo mission, the player must go to his CEO Office computer and use the special cargo option displayed on the screen. After this, he is presented with 3 options, whether to buy 1,2 or 3 crates at a time. The cost of one crate is $2000, the cost of two crates is $8000, and the cost of 3 crates is $16000. Most players buy 3 crates at once even though they are much more expensive as it is more time-effective and in GTA Online, time is money. After this, the player must complete a mission to bring the crates to the warehouse. This can be anything from simply bringing the crate from point A to point B to eliminating a mass horde of enemies from different gangs like Merryweather, Ballas, Vagos and even sometimes, Cops. The player can then sell these crates at a profit which presents him with another mission to deliver the crates in either a truck, boat or plane. The player can increase his profit by selling more crates in a single sale. There is a 3-minute cooldown between sourcing crates

Import Export:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 11

This update further expanded the CEO business by adding the vehicle cargo update. This update also proved to be another effective way to earn some money while also getting the chance to drive supercars which the player may otherwise not own. The debate still floats around regarding which of the two is the better business as both are extremely lucrative:

Vehicle cargo business:

CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained
CEO Businesses in GTA Online Explained 12

This business too, like the special cargo business, requires the player to buy a vehicle warehouse which can also be purchased from the office computer. To start a vehicle cargo mission, the player must go to the office computer and click on the source vehicle. After this, there is an equally random chance of a Standard level, Mid-level or High-level vehicle spawning. The selling cost and difficulty of the mission increase based on the class of the car. While sourcing the player must pay for any damage to the vehicle. While exporting, the damage cost is deducted from the player’s commission. The player can make a maximum commission of $100000 if he exports a High-level vehicle to the specialist dealer. However, to do this, the player must also invest $20000 to perform the necessary upgrades giving him a maximum profit of $80000. There is a 2-minute cooldown to source another car after a car is sourced and a 20-minute cooldown before selling another.

These are the CEO businesses in GTA Online and are one of the most popular businesses and overall one of the best ways to make money. The only downside to them are they can feel grindy at times but the rewards are worth the grind.

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