Top 5 Characters That Can Overplay Chrono In Free Fire Clash Squad

Free Fire has a huge character roster with many characters and unique skills and Chrono is a big name in the list here we will look at a list of top 5 characters that can overplay chrono in Free Fire clash squad.

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Free Fire has a wide variety of characters in their character roster with unique special abilities. They also have some special characters that are based on the real-life celebrities one such character is “Chrono” he is based on the football star Christiano Ronaldo.

He had an extremely powerful skill but in the previous OB27 update his skill was nerfed and the countdown time was almost doubled that decreased both the characters ability and popularity. Here we will discuss about top 5 characters that can overplay Chrono in Free Fire clash squad mode.

Top 5 Characters To Overplay Chrono In Free Fire Clash Squad

#5. Kapella (Healing Song)

Free Fire Clash Squad Mode
Top 5 Characters In Free Fire

If you like to play as a support to your team and assist them in the fights, using Kapella is your best choice. Her abilities increase the healing effect by 10% and the HP lost by allies is reduced by 20%. Overall, these skills will provide you with the sustainability and tenacity required to face enemies using aggressive characters.

Kapella can overplay chrono in terms of increased HP that is very useful when it comes close-combats in Free Fire clash squad mode.

#4. Shirou (Damage Delivered)

Shirou ability
Shirou Ability

According to Shirou’s in-game description he is the fastest delivery guy around. Likewise, his ability is named “Damage Delivered“. His ability has something of both Moco and Hayato. This is also a two dimensional ability with scouting and damage blended into one. They are:

  • Shirou’s ability marks the first enemy that his the player for 8 seconds. Moreover the enemy gets a de-buff.
  • The first shot fired against the enemy deals an additional 100% bonus armor penetration.

Shirou’s skill is already gives you two buffs one is tacing and o=anothe is increased armore penetration that can easily overpower chrono in Free Fire after OB27 update.

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#3. Wukong (Camouflage Ability)

Chrono vs Wukong

Wukong’s “Camouflage Ability,” has received a significant buff in the OB27 update. It can transform the players into a bush for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 250 seconds at the base level. With each kill, the cooldown duration will reset.

The skill was reworked to have a less cooldown duration and the cooldown reset after each kill has send Wukong to the character you want to use. Wukong’s skill received some good buffs that has led him to overplay chrono in Free Fire.

#2. K (Master Of All)

He has two skill modes in which, the active skill grants the allies within a 6m radius get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate and the passive ability restores 2 EP every 3 seconds and once the bar reaches a total of 100 EP, the active skill can be used.

Captain Booyah or K is always one of the best choices to ever taken in to the game as it can easily overplay Chrono in the game.

#1. DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

Free Fire Clash Squad Mode
DJ Alok Ability

DJ Alok is popular due to his Drop the Beat ability. This ability creates a 5 metre zone around him which increases movement speed of allies by 15%. Moreover, this ability heals the player and allies inside the zone for 5HP/sec for 10 seconds. This is a great sustain ability and also has a short cooldown. He can easily overplay Chrono in terms of HP recovery and increased movement speed too.

This is the list of top 5 characters in free fire that can overplay Chrono in Free Fire clash squad mode.

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