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“World of trouble”- Magnus Carlsen mocks Queen of England

Magnus Carlsen leaves a hilarious reaction to Queen Elizabeth's picture on his Twitter.

Magnus Carlsen and Queen Elizabeth II

Magnus Carlsen has been one of the dominant players in Chess for the past few years. The Norweigian has dominated each and every form of chess, be it Classical, Rapid, or Blitz. The world No.1 has been a level above each and every one of his opponents.

Carlsen is known for having a great sense of humor besides his exceptional skills in Chess. He is known for his satirical comments in the post-match press conferences which amuse everyone in the Chess community.

The World No.1 recently posted a picture of the Queen of England and captioned it as “Now that’s just a world of trouble” mocking the Queen in a hysterical way. The tweet was met with hilarious responses from the fans.

Magnus Carlsen amuses his Twitter followers

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is known for his sense of humor and he certainly left his fans in splits. The world No.1 used a picture of Queen Elizabeth II standing on a titled floor that looked like a chessboard.

In the picture, the queen can be seen standing beside a bishop which represents two main pieces in the game of chess. The picture was hysterical enough on its own but Carlsen’s open-ended caption made the picture even more hilarious.

World Champion Carlsen secured victory at the Tata Steel chess tournament in Wijk Aan Zee. The Grand Master won the tournament with a round to spare.

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