Viswanathan Anand to join elite players for ‘multi-million-dollars’ Magnus Carlsen Tour

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5-time World Champion, Viswanathan Anand will participate in the ‘Legends of Chess’ event among other elite players, which will be headed by Magnus Carlsen later this month. As the Indian veteran is still getting used to playing competitive chess online, he is yet to find out the other challenges imposed. The event scheduled will be the fourth leg of the Chess Tour that leads up to the $300,000 Grand Final from 9th August to the 20th.

As this is a new form of playing chess, Anand speaking to Sportstar said, “The invitation has been around for a couple of weeks and I finally convinced myself that it would be worth playing. I have played so little this year that I kind of felt it’s good to push myself back. It’s a very interesting field, multi-generational, and I hope I will play well.”

While the young Russian star Daniel Dubov won 1st title, Carlsen was able to clinch 2. As per the eligibility to fill a spot in the Grand Final, one should be a tournament winner, if there are more slots available it will be booked for players with the highest tournament points. Anand and Vladimir Kramnik along with Carlsen, Giri, Nepomniachtchi, and Liren have been qualified based on the criteria of being semi-finalist of Chessable Maters. However, other names are supposed to be announced shortly.

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Anand was also seen praising Carlsen for being able to let the sport continue even during this pandemic.

To be precise Anand said, “Well, the pandemic has put everyone in a situation where they are forced to improvise. A lot of formats and concepts have bounced around in chess for years. People have been wanting to try new formats for tournaments, new time-controls, all sorts of experiments. It’s good that chess reacted well, and not only managed to keep active during the pandemic, but also to try out a lot of formats. Praising Carlsen for his part in bringing the Chess Tour, Anand said, “Of course, (Magnus) Carlsen should be congratulated for what he has managed with this Tour. Also, the St. Louis Chess Club experimented with this new format of clutch chess. This will be useful because, perhaps, some of these formats will stay in the future.”

There is an absolute certainty of the fact there is so much competition to deal with before Anand could manage a title. But only time will unfold what the Indian Chess player could accomplish in the given format, he is still getting used to.

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