“Might win his first MVP” Chris Paul leading the Phoenix Suns to the playoffs after 11 years

Phoenix Suns end their playoff draught after 11 years as Chris Paul solidifies position for MVP

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The 2020-21 season has been the year of the under dogs. May it be the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks or the Washington Wizards, the underrated teams have put on a show this time. The Phoenix Suns have topped the list. They truly came up as a surprise and scaled the western conference. The incoming of Chris Paul has lately had a positive impact on the team. The veteran has prolific leadership attributes adhering to which the team has managed to clinch the playoff this season. Phoenix Suns have entered the playoffs after 11 years because of Chris Paul. Now that the point guard is running for MVP, a lot of players believe that Chris Paul should be the regular season MVP.

The Phoenix Suns had a slow start but managed to win games on a streak. Chris Paul kept the team together at thick and thins. Now that the team has 44 wins and just 18 losses, the whole roster feels it is because of Chris Paul’s experience. In their recent game against LA Clippers, it was CP3 carrying the team with 28-points and 10 assists. They edged over Clippers to secure an 8-point victory while being the 3rd team to get through to 2020-21 playoffs.

Will Chris Paul get to his maiden championship title?

Phoenix Suns have now been able produce that they lacked every single time in the last 11 years. Even during the bubble game last year. They were almost unbeatable. But still could not get a place in the playoffs. In view of such phenomenal performance by Chris Paul and team, many analysts have come in support of CP3 getting the MVP this time. He has already made strong statements in lieu of his game that he deserves it. NBA veterans like Kendrick Perkins has also strongly voiced in for Chris Paul.

The Phoenix Suns portray every attitude that a championship team needs to have. They have a balanced roster with great bench players unlike Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. This is their shot to make it to the finals. The Phoenix Suns have surpassed every stereotype that the underrated teams are hurled at. They owe Chris Paul a big time.

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