“Up the fibula was more of a problem than expected,” Chris Weidman discusses the complications he had to deal with in his second surgery

Chris Weidman underwent a second surgery, he revealed he had to deal with further complications.

Chris Weidman on his second surgery
Chris Weidman on his second surgery

Chris Weidman is currently recovering from a horrible injury he sustained during his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 in April. Weidman threw a leg kick as soon as the fight started and a check from Hall caused Weidman’s leg to snap in half.

Weidman had to undergo surgery which went well, and now he has shared updates from his second surgery, he said, “Surgery went well. I feel really good about this surgery. Even like crutching myself into this bedroom, such a better experience than this last surgery. I can bend my knee cause they didn’t put the rod through it. The surgery was supposed to be anywhere from an hour to two hours. Ended up being three hours. There were some things that went down in there that they didn’t foresee happening and they had to make some changes.”

“I’m just happy. I feel like this is going to be a way quicker recovery and way less painful. I feel like I made the right decision.”

“HOME AFTER SURGERY,” Chris Weidman posted an update on his second surgery, he claims everything went fine

Chris Weidman leg snap
Chris Weidman vs. Uriah Hall

Chris posted a picture on his Instagram along with an update on his second surgery, he wrote, “HOME AFTER SURGERY. Hi all! I’m home. The surgery went very well. The original plan of surgery was to take out a butterfly fracture on the tibia bone and secure the fibula with a plate and screws because it was not healing correctly. Apparently when they opened my leg up the fibula was more of a problem than expected which required a longer surgery and more hardware.”

He continued, “I do not have any pain right now because I have a nerve block on my leg which can last up to 48 hours. Im pretty damn tired and so I will sleep for a while, but I will be uploading a video to my YouTube channel to share all the details of the post-surgery. And I will also make minor updates here on my IG on how I am feeling.”

“Having your support and love make things a lot easier. Thank you all very much for your thoughts prayers.”

Chris 🙏🏻

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