Chris Wilder’s departure could come back to bite Sheffield United as managers who are given time tend to succeed

Norwich City reaped the benefits of sticking to their manager as Daniel Farke is set to lead them to the Premier League in a better position than before. While it has it's risks, the benefits will always be better when you show your manager that you trust in him.

Managers who have succeeded before and suddenly get into a slump are known to bounce back from adversity. Jurgen Klopp is a prime example as he took a faltering Liverpool back to their perch and is experiencing another slump right now. However there could be no better manager in the world other than Jurgen Klopp who can help Liverpool recover and trust in your manager could reap in benefits.

The Norwich model of trust should be replicated by other struggling clubs

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Chris Wilder and Sheffield United had a brilliant first season in the Premier League, but their fortunes changed to the worse this season. If there was one person who they wanted to lead them out of this slump, it was Chris Wilder who would’ve been it.

Daniel Farke was appointed as manager of Norwich City before the 2017/18 season and finished in the 14th place of the Championship. Most clubs would’ve jumped the gun and sacked him so that they could appoint a new manager. However Norwich City invested in him and he repaid the trust by guiding Norwich to the top of the table, getting 94 points in the way. Their trust in him saw the Canaries promoted to the Premier League after a hiatus.

Even though Norwich City finished at rock bottom of the Premier League with more losses (27) than points (21), Daniel Farke was trusted once again. Now Norwich is top of the Championship table with 76 points and is poised to break their 2018/19 points record. This is what Sheffield United should’ve done as Chris Wilder is genuinely a good manager.

He got the best out of his newly promoted team in the 2019/20 season and showed levels to the opponents. Teams were afraid of facing Sheffield as they were defensively strong and offensively good. This season has been a major disappointment for them and the logical decision would’ve have been to invest in the team and fulfil the manager’s wishes. Sacking Chris Wilder right at the end of the season when the team is low on morality is a bad decision.

It could potentially come back to bite them as there are a lot of teams who would appreciate a manager like him.

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