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Chrono in FreeFire

Free Fire is a popular battle-royale mobile game with a large player base around the world. It has a big pool of characters. Each of them have unique abilities that can assist the users in different ways. It is very important to understand how each character works if you are going to use it as your main one. Learn how to use Chrono’s Ability after reading this.

Chrono’s Ability :- Time Turner

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Chrono’s Ability

Chrono’s ability is known as Time-turner and its description reads. “He Creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. Movement speed increases by 15%. During the skill activation period, allies in the force field receive a 10% speed bonus. Lasts 10s. 50s cooldown.”

This description is about the base level of this skill and the stats will change as one upgrades this ability. It is pretty much self-explanatory where Chrono will gain a movement speed boost of 15% and can block the receiving damage by 600 points. This force field will last for 10 seconds at base level.

This is an insane boost that can turn the tables in dire situations. If a Chrono user is on your team and you are fighting on the edge of play zone, you can activate the Chrono’s ability to help them sustain the damage and the movement speed buff can help to quickly reposition or enter the zone at the correct moment.

There are several ways through which you can use Chrono’. We recommend you to experiment with this character and learn how it works and use it to its full potential by mastering him.

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