How To Use Chrono In Free Fire Clash Squad Season 7 To Reach Grandmaster?

Garena introduced Grandmaster rank in Free Fire clash squad season 7. Here in this article we will take a look at how you can use Chrono in Free Fire clash squad season 7 to reach Grandmaster.

Chrono vs DJ Alok in Free Fire ranked
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With the latest OB28 patch update Garena has introduced the all-new Grandmaster rank to Free Fire clash squad season 7. With the introduction of a new rank in the game players will tend to push their rank to Grandmaster. The main component of getting to the Grandmaster rank in free fire is choosing the right character for you.

Chrono can be that right character for you as his skill has proven to be useful at times in CS mode. Here in this article we will take a look at how you can use Chrono in free fire’s latest clash squad season to reach the Grandmaster rank.

Tips On How To Use Chrono In Free Fire Clash Squad Season 7

Chrono’s Ability (Time Turner)

chrono in free fire
Chrono Ability

Although in OB27 update his ability was nerfed but still his ability is one of the most useful one. Chrono’s ability is called Time Turner and creates a force-field that blocks 600-incoming damage from enemies. Allies and the players can take shelter inside the zone and even shoot from inside it. However, earlier it used to provide 30% movement speed to the player and 15% movement speed to allies.

Using Different Character Combination

Using proper skill combos with Chrono may help players significantly on the ground. For example, the skills of Chrono, Moco, Dasha, and Laura will be a perfect combo for mid and long-range fights.

Moco marks enemies who are shot. Meanwhile, Dasha assists in knocking down enemies mid or long-range by lowering the overall recoil. Also, while scoping in, Laura’s Sharp Shooter skill improves accuracy by 30. When combined with Chrono’s ability to build a force field, players can shoot at opponents while making instant cover.

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Pair Chrono With Rockie

The primary disadvantage of using Chrono is his cooldown time. This is why players should pair him up with Rockie. Rockie reduces the cooldown time of the equipped active skill by 6% at level 1 and 15% at the highest level. After being paired with Rockie, players can use Chrono in Classic matches with a much lesser cooldown period.

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