CJ Stroud takes brutal shots at Micah Parsons over the LB’s bizarre NBA claim: “He’s a Cowboy, he’s naturally delusional!”

Stroud called Parsons delusional for claiming that he can score in double digits in an NBA game.

CJ Stroud takes brutal shots at Micah Parsons over the LB’s bizarre NBA claim: “He’s a Cowboy, he’s naturally delusional!”

(L) CJ Stroud and (R) Micah Parsons (Image via IMAGO)

CJ Stroud: 2 and Micah Parsons: 1. Well, this isn’t a soccer score but rather a numerical indication of who has the advantage. The pair have been going at each other for the last couple of weeks, whether to see who can create a better NFL team or to argue about which division is the toughest to play in the league.

They are back at taking jabs at each other once again. A TikTok video of the two players surfaced on social media. In it, a host (off camera) asks them who would score more points in an NBA game.

The confident Micah Parsons instantly replied that he would score in double digits.

I am averaging 20. 
Parsons said.

CJ Stroud went with a more realistic approach, according to him.

"I always say I would be lucky to hit a three or two," Stroud said
"And he calls himself a shooter?" To which Parsons retorted
Interaction between CJ Stroud and Micah Parsons

However, the Houston Texans quarterback had the last laugh.

He [Micah Parsons] is a cowboy. He is naturally delusional. 
Stroud fired back

Well, Stroud may have won the battle of the words, but Parsons may be onto something. The All-Pro linebacker showed his moves during the 2024 NBA celebrity All-Star game, dropping 37 points on 17-for-31 shooting along with 16 rebounds and four steals.

Parsons’ team decimated their opponents, who happened to harbor Stroud as one of the players.

A Hollywood celebrity advises Micah Parsons to leave the Dallas Cowboys

Parsons is quickly coming to the end of his Cowboys contract. According to the Bleacher Report, the Cowboys exercised the pass rusher’s fifth-year option for $23.1 million for the 2024 season.

CJ Stroud takes brutal shots at Micah Parsons over the LB's bizarre NBA claim: "He's a Cowboy, he's naturally delusional!"
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (Image via IMAGO)

One celebrity NFL fan wants the three-time Pro Bowler to ditch the Cowboys and join their NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Parsons received this suggestion from massive Eagles fan Kevin Hart when he was on his YouTube show ‘Cold as Balls’ on Tuesday.

Keep chasing your happiness. And the only way that you're going to get there is to get the fu*k out of Dallas [the Cowboys]. You have to find another program. The Eagles. You figure out a way to get to Philadelphia, and happiness will find you faster. 
Kevin Hart ranted.

Parsons replied with a slight jab of his own. He highlighted the recent lack of success of the Philly franchise.

Philadelphia. What do you mean? Where are we at? The same place you are. Sitting on the same f**king couch. 
Micah Parsons said.

The Cowboys are in a bind. Besides Parsons, they will have to deal with both quarterback Dak Prescott and No. 1 wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb. Both of their contracts are up after this season.

Owner Jerry Jones has to make his mind up on which player he wants to keep on the team. His criteria should be who has more to give to the franchise in the future.

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