COD Mobile Season 2 leaks: COD new Zombie mode, new game modes and more

Call of Duty is ready to step into its Season 2 with a new Zombie mode and leaked new maps. We take a look at all the current leaks circulating in the game.

COD Mobile Season 2 leaks
COD Mobile Season 2 leaks

Call of Duty Mobile is getting a new Season and the players are excited beyond words for it. COD Mobile Season 2 leaks are all the rage right now, with players eager to know what’s coming next.

Call of Duty is a massively popular battle royale game which has been a massive success on mobile devices. The popular title offers the players with fast paced and engaging combat on a battleground.

The new COD Mobile Season 2, will have many new features added to the game. The developers are sure to add some new changes to keep the game fresh.

COD Mobile Season 2 leaks
COD Mobile

The new COD Mobile Season 2 leaks features a few exciting changes such as a New Zombie Mode and new operators. There are also new maps and much more to discuss.

COD Mobile Season 2 leaks

The new update will feature a new Zombie mode. According to various leaks and updates, players can expect a new game mode as well.

The release dates have also yet to be confirmed by the developers. It is currently in Beta testing and players can expect it by next month. There will also be a new Battle Pass being pushed out to the live servers.

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COD new Zombie Mode

COD Mobile Season 2 leaks
COD Mobile Zombies

The new update’s biggest attraction is the COD new Zombie Mode that will be featured in the game. A new map is being added to the game called the Shi No Numa map, also called the Zombie map. It features a rainforest like background with thick vegetation.

New Lobby and UI changes

There will be some tweaks made to the ‘Loadout’ and the ‘Player Profile’ menu. These are only to improve the player experience.

There will also be a new lobby background, featuring the Shi No Numa map. This will be in celebration for the arrival of the Zombie mode.

New Maps in MP mode

There will be two maps that will allegedly make their way into the game. These are the Monastery and the Coastal City.

Weapon Upgrade system

There will be a new weapon upgrade system where players can upgrade them according to their ranks.

Weapons in Zombie Mode

The Zombie Mode will only feature the weapons mentioned down below:

  • SP-R 208
  • AS VAL
  • QXR
  • Echo
  • BK-57
  • HG40
  • MSMC
  • HS 0405
  • PDW-57
  • AK 47
  • RUS-79U
  • J358
  • AK117
  • Type 25
  • BY15
  • M16
  • Chopper
  • Trip Mine
  • Frag Grenade

New Battle Pass

There will ne a new Battle Pass to celebrate the arrival of the Zombie mode. Not much has been leaked as of yet regarding this.

The COD Mobile Season 2 leaks featuring the COD new Zombie mode has everyone on the edge of their seats. More updates will soon be rolled out!

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