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COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass: Tier 50 BP, new epic weapon blueprints, free rewards, and more

COD Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape releases this week along with a brand new battle pass. Here are all the details about the Season 3 battle pass, including cost, all tiers, blueprints, operators, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile has officially announced that the long-awaited Season 3 will roll out on April 17. The new season succeeds the current, Season 2 Day of Reckoning. As expected, the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape will bring a wide range of new content including the Season 3 Battle Pass. It includes new multiplayer maps, new game modes, and challenges, and new weapons.

Season 3 Battle Pass: Tokyo Escape

Season 3 Tokyo Escape brings two new maps to the game, named Coastal and Oasis, along with two new weapons, several new modes, Riot Shields, and a lot more content. And of course, with each new season comes a brand new battle pass stacked with new content for players to unlock. The Season 3 battle pass draws inspiration from Japan, and it is full of unique weapons, Samurai and Ninja-themed characters, and much more!

Here’s everything you need to know about the COD: Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape battle pass.

COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass: Tokyo Escape

The Tokyo Escape Battle Pass will bring 50 brand-new tiers of free and premium content. It will include new weapons, operators, blueprints, charms, calling cards, emotes, and CoD points. Gamers can unlock the new Operator Skill, “Bull Charge” at Tier 14 and PP19 Bizon submachine gun at Tier 21. For Premium Pass Tiers, they can unlock the new operator, Hidora Kai, “The Boss”, right at Tier 1, alongside the Type 25, “Oni”, the Showdown Calling Card, and the Hannya Charm. As players progress, they can collect items such as the Card Armor camo series and the Way of Sword emote.

There are not many changes in the price of the battle pass, and it hasn’t changed since the release of the game. Depending on what players want to buy, they will pay as follows:

  • Premium Battle Pass price is 560 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle costs 1280 CP
  • Premium Battle Pass 50-Tier Bundle costs 1850 CP
Season 3 Battle Pass : Tokyo Escape

The seasonal challenges will also bring some perks. Apart from Overclock Perk, you can also compete for acquiring Renetti. “This burst-fire handgun is sure to become many Operators’ preferred secondary. Check back often for more Seasonal Challenges along the way, featuring more rewards while putting your abilities to the test,” says CoD Mobile.

As usual, each battle pass comes with several free rewards for everyone. The PP-19 Bizon is a brand new weapon coming to COD: Mobile in Season 3 Battle Pass, and it will be completely free to unlock for everyone. Moreover, there will be other free rewards and tiers, but they are yet to be revealed.

COD: Mobile Season 3 battle pass comes with 4 new epic characters, 5 new epic weapon Blueprints, Legendary Calling Cards, and more.Not all of them are yet being revealed, but here are all currently known premium items.

Season 3 Battle Pass Operators:

  • Epic Operator Hidora the Boss
  • Epic Operator Zero Escape
  • Epic Operator Spectre Ninja
  • Epic Operator Takeo Sensei
Season 3 Battle Pass: Quick Glance

Season 3 Battle Pass weapon blueprints:

  • Epic Weapon PP19 Bizon  – Yokai
  • Epic Weapon RUS-79u Karuta
  • Epic Weapon Type-25 Oni
  • Epic Weapon ASM10 – Scabbard
  • Epic Weapon QXR Scorching Sun

Season 3 Battle Pass other premium rewards:

  • Epic Charm Hannya
  • Epic Backpack Kendo 
  • Epic Emote Way of the Sword
  • Epic Avatar The Boss
  • Epic Frame Samurai
  • Legendary Calling Card Showdown
Spectre – Ninja , the Epic character

Apart from these, COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass offers the below-mentioned four items if a player buys any one of the aforementioned Battle Pass Bundles.

  • Base Melee – Pendragon
  • Avatar – Golden Dragon
  • Frame – Serpant Frame
  • Charm – Auspicious

As seen in the official teasers, CoD Mobile Season 3 brings two new game modes – Swords & Stones and Night. In the first mode, gamers can deploy items such as melee weapons and grenades. In the Night mode, players will be equipped with night-vision goggles. These glasses are battery-powered and may need a recharge after some point. Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass: Tokyo Escape will introduce the previously teased Oasis and Coastal maps. The Oasis map is from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

While the release date for the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass is the same as the start of Season 3, on 16th April at 5 pm PT  (17th March at 00:00 GMT), the end date should be sometime in late May but it has not been revealed yet.

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