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COD Warzone: The Best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout with Details

The article will discuss the best TEC-9 loadout for Call of Duty Warzone after the Season 5 launched.

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Call Of Duty warzone season changes are forcing players to reconsider their assault rifle options. The best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout can offer everything you need for the battle royale: accuracy, range, a fast rate of fire, and the potential to strap on a large magazine. The TEC-9 setup for Warzone will give players better damage per second over mid to long-range fights, without making the gun unwieldy in close-up gun battles. The article will discuss the best TEC-9 loadout for Call of Duty Warzone after Season 5 launched.

The Best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout with Details

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Best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout

The TEC-9 in Warzone is an absolute powerhouse in close quarters for Call of Duty players, making it one of the more deadly weapons at close range to have made the jump over from Black Ops Cold War. As an SMG, the TEC-9 is generally only going to properly function when going up close and personal. The best TEC-9 loadout excels at mid-range thanks to its impressive damage output. The best Warzone TEC-9 loadout is:

  • Full Auto Repeater
  • 4.9” Task Force
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • STANAG 48 Rnd
  • Duster Stock
The Best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout with Details

The Full Auto Repeater is a Muzzle Attachment that converts the native fire type of the TEC-9 from Semi-Automatic to Automatic while giving a major boost to the fire rate while decreasing the effective range and a minor amount of horizontal recoil. The 4.9” Task Force barrel improves the weapon’s effective damage range, bullet velocity, and increases its strafe speed.

The Best TEC-9 Warzone Loadout with Details

The Steady Aim Laser is a body attachment available for all Primary Weapons, Pistols, and Shotguns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It acts similar to the Laser Sight attachment from prior games, improving hip-fire accuracy. The STANAG 48 Rnd acts as a high-capacity mag, giving more ammo but giving the added downside of a worse aiming time and reload speed.

The Duster Stock increases speed while sliding, giving more distance per slide. It has an alternate in the form of the Duster Pad. As soon as you have the money, you should buy another loadout with one of the many other powerful guns and use it to get a second primary weapon. Of course, you could run Overkill as your second perk and grab the best warzone sniper to complement your mid-range powers.

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