Comparison between 2011 and 2019 World Cup teams by Aakash Chopra


Former India batsman Aakash Chopra on Monday said that Indian team didn’t win the World Cup last year because India did not have a World Cup-winning side.

Chopra also compared India’s 2011 World Cup-winning team with the 2019 team and explained how the team had better players and outstanding team balance in the 2011 side.

Chopra compared 2011 vs 2019

Tendulkar vs Rohit

If you have to choose between Tendulkar and Rohit, whom will you choose, very tough call? They may just cancel each other out because Rohit has struck 5 centuries in a World Cup edition, which no one has done. Between Rahul/Dhawan and Sehwag, my heart says to keep Sehwag ahead, but let me keep Dhawan ahead just for argument sake, “ Chopra said on his Youtube channel.

Gambhir vs Kohli

Between Gambhir and Kohli, no doubt this Kohli of 2019 is definitely ahead of Gambhir of 2011. Although Kohli was there in the 2011 team as well, there is a lot of difference between that Kohli and this Kohli. Yuvraj Singh is winning this race hands down against Dinesh Karthik/Kedar Jadhav/Pant/Pandya as a batsman, as a bowler, as a full package match-winner,” he added.

“Virat Kohli of 2011, we can keep Pant/DK/Kedhar/MSD ahead of him. Raina is again a match-winner. Whom will you compare with, probably Hardik Pandya? Raina is ahead that time even if you compare him with Kedar,” he went on.

MSD of 2011 vs 2019

”MSD of 2011 vs MSD of 2019, no doubt MSD of 2011. Harbhajan Singh is a match-winner, so is Jadeja, maybe 50-50. Jaddu will get more numbers for fielding, Harbhajan Singh for bowling, Jaddu slightly ahead in batting in international ODI stage,” he further said.

Zaheer vs Bumrah

Let us cancel out Zaheer and Bumrah, they are at par as bowlers almost, both are match-winners. Shami slightly ahead of Munaf. You will have to keep Nehra ahead of Kuldeep or Chahal,” Chopra said.

Dhoni’s team vs Kohli’s team

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“So if you see the full comparison, MSD’s team of 2011 has won. That is why, if there is a match Dhoni’s team is stronger and a match-winning team,” the former India batsman concluded.

Meanwhile, speaking on what was probably wrong in the team combination, the commentator said that they didn’t have the team to win because the middle order was so “brittle”.

We didn’t have a World Cup-winning team in 2019

Should we get a slight perspective, if you have not won the World Cup in 2019, probably you didn’t have a World Cup-winning team only. Because the middle-order was so brittle, you didn’t have the team to win. You should have played Shami and you didn’t play him. You didn’t prepare the team and Shikhar Dhawan got injured as well,” he said.

So if you consider everything, 2011 team was a lot ahead of this team that played in 2019. Therefore the trophy is with the 2011 team and not the 2019 team,” he signed off.

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