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Free Fire has over 500+ million downloads on PlayStore. It has been able to attract players from all over the world. Insta Gamer and Raistar are two of the most popular Free Fire content creators on YouTube. They are unique in their own styles of gameplay and contents. This article takes a look at the comparison of Insta Gamer vs Raistar in Free Fire based on their stats.

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Insta Gamer vs Raistar: Stats in Free Fire

1. Insta Gamer

His Free Fire UID is 197218153.

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insta lifetime - FirstSportz

Insta Gamer is one most illustrious YouTubers of India. He has currently hidden his subscribers count and is likely to reveal it once he reaches 1 million. Taking a look at his lifetime stats, he has featured in 9994 games and won 1314 of them. In the process, he has registered over 19789 kills. In the duo mode, he has been a part of 1602 games, and clinched 144 of them. Finally, in the solo mode, he has played 1228 games and was the last man standing in 82 occasions.


insta ranked - FirstSportz

In the ongoing ranked season, he has played around 170 squad games and won 32 of them. He also has 394 frags in the mode. Furthermore, in the duo mode, he has played just 35 games and has won just one game. He is yet to play a match in the solo mode in the current ranked season.

2. Raistar

His Free Fire UID is 12022250.

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rai lifetime 1 - FirstSportz

Looking at his lifetime stats, he has played over 15598 squad games and won 2662 out of them. He has 51806 kills resulting in an 4.02 K/D ratio in the mode as well. Furthermore, he has played over 4468 duo modes and won 705 out of them. Moreover, he has played 3521 solo mode matches and has come out victorious on 401 occasions, with 10732 kills and an impressive K/D rate as well.


rai ranked 1 - FirstSportz

In the ongoing ranked season, he has featured in 58 games in the squad mode and triumphed in 2 of them. However, he has hardly played a game in the other two modes.


Insta Gamer and Raistar together boasts over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. However, both are completely unique in many aspects. Insta Gamer does live streams and giveaways more often, whereas Raistar uploads montage videos of his gameplay. The latter is popular for his ability to secure headshots easily.

On Comparison of lifetime stats, it is visible Raistar dominates over Insta Gamer when it comes to win rate and K/D ratio. Raistar has featured in more than 15000 matches in the squad mode, making the player more experienced. However, in the current ranked season, Insta Gamer is the clear winner with a better win percentage and stats.

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