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Free Fire was awarded the Most Downloaded Game of the Year by eSports in 2020. The popular battle royale has been witnessing success for the past few years. This massive reach of the game gave rise to many content creators on YouTube and other popular platforms. Pahadi Gaming and A_S gaming, as the name suggests are two popular Free Fire players cum content creators. This article takes a look at the collation of Pahadi Gaming vs A_S Gaming in Free Fire.

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Pahadi Gaming vs A_S Gaming: Stats in Free Fire

1. Pahadi Gaming

His Free Fire UID is 147098967.

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pahadi lifetime - FirstSportz

Pahadi Gaming is a rising Free Fire content creator on YouTube. He displays some unbelievable gameplays and is known for his sniper gameplay. He was also named the Sniper of the Year in Free Fire in the recent eSports awards. The YouTuber has featured in 19691 squad games and has won 4934 of them, translating to a win percentage of 25.05.

Furthermore in the duo modes, he has been a part of 2014 games and has bagged 4334 kills in the same, maintaining a K/D ratio of 4.12. Also, in the solo mode, he has played 1608 matches in the solo mode and has won 259 of them, with a K/D rate of 5.16.


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Pahadi has been impressive in the current ranked season. He even achieved the grandmaster feat in the first day of the new season. He has played a total of 68 squad games and won almost 50% of them with 345 kills. Playing just 3 matches in the duo mode, he has claimed 22 kills. Also in the solo mode, he has an impressive 6 wins out of 7 matches, with 55 kills.

2. A_S Gaming

His Free Fire UID is 169525329.

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as lifetime - FirstSportz

A_S Gaming, the sole owner of the YouTuber Channel A_S Gaming boasts over 8 million subscribers in the platform. He does regular livestreams, giveaways in his channel. His lifetime stats are incredible, he has featured in 7546 squad game and clinched 1149 of them which converts to a decent win percentage of 15.18%. He also has 19175 kills in the same.

On the other hand, his duo and solo stats are quite impressive as well. He has been a part of 2177 duo games and won 299 percentage, with a K/D rate of 2.68. Also he has played 2169 solo matches and come out victorious in 236 occasions.


as ranked - FirstSportz

When it comes to the Ranked Mode, the popular YouTuber has hardly played a few games in all the modes. He has played 19 squad games and has won 6 of them. In the process, he has also bagged 54 kills.

Comparing Both

Both the players have their unique style of gameplay. A_S Gaming focuses more on his channel, does giveaways and live streams. He also has more subscribers count than Pahadi Gaming. However, when it comes to gameplay, Pahadi dominates over A_S Gaming. He beats the other by a huge margin when it comes to K/D rate and win rate.

It is clearly visible that Pahadi Gaming has the upper hand in almost all the modes in the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire. This was all about the comparison of Pahadi Gaming vs A_S Gaming in Free Fire.

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