Raistar vs Gyan Sujan in Free Fire: Stats Comparison for March 2021

Gyan Gaming and Raistar are two popular content creators hailing from India. Both the players possess impressive talents and display incredible gameplay as well.

Raistar vs Gyan Sujan
Comparison of Raistar vs Gyan Sujan in Free Fire

Raistar is probably one of the most popular Free Fire players. He is called as India’s Fastest player due to his insane movement speed and fire power. He runs a YouTube channel and boast over 3 million subscribers on the same.

On the other hand, Gyan Sujan aKa ‘The AWM King’ is another celebrated Free Fire content creator and live streamer. He uploads videos related to upcoming events and his gameplay regularly. His channel “Gyan Gaming” has a total subscribers count of 9 million. Here’s a comparison of Raistar vs Gyan Sujan based on their stats.

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Raistar vs Gyan Sujan: Stats in Free Fire

1. Raistar

His Free Fire UID is 12022250.

raistar 5 - FirstSportz
Raistar in Free Fire


raistar lifetime - FirstSportz
Raistar Lifetime Stats

Raistar’s lifetime stats are beyond words. He has been a part of 15705 squad games and clinched 2667 of them. Apart from this, he also maintains a K/D rate of 4.00 in the mode as well. When it comes to the duo mode, he has played 4474 games and won 705 of them, converting to a win percentage of 15.72%.

Finally, in the solo mode, he has played 3521 games and has out-played 10732 of his foes. He has won 401 matches in solo format as well.


Raistar Ranked - FirstSportz
Raistar Ranked Stats

In this ranked season of Free Fire, Raistar has played all of his games in the squad format. He has featured in 164 games, winning just 7 of them. In the process, he has secured 408 kills as well.

2. Gyan Sujan

His Free Fire UID is 70393167.

Gyan Sujan 2 - FirstSportz
Gyan Sujan in Free Fire


gyan sujan lifetime 2 - FirstSportz
Gyan Sujan Lifetime Stats

Gyan Sujan is an illustrious YouTuber who engages his viewers with his funny gameplay and challenges on live streams. Taking a look at his stats, he has played 17535 lifetime squad matches and has won on 6341 occasions. Moreover, he also possesses a 5.80 K/D rate, which is simply incredible.

In the duo mode, the popular YouTuber has been a part of 2124 games, securing 5778 kills in the process. Moreover, he has played 1367 matches in the solo format, coming out victorious on 159 occasions.


gyan sujan ranked 1 - FirstSportz
Gyan Sujan Ranked Stats

Gyan Sujan never fails to impress when it comes to the ranked mode. In the 135 matches he has played, he has registered 656 kills with a mesmerising K/D rate of 8.20. He has won 42 matches out of them.

On the other hand, in the duo mode, he has won 29 out of the 75 matches played. In the process, he has also bagged 377 foes as well.

Raistar vs Gyan Sujan: Who is better?

Both the YouTubers possess unique skills and has impressive in-game stats, making it difficult to find a clear winner. However, Gyan Sujan has a clear edge over Raistar in the squad mode. He has a better K/D rate and win percentage on comparing with that of Raistar.

Moreover, Raistar is dominant in the solo format and beats Gyan Sujan by a huge margin. Raistar has more wins and secured almost double the kills to that of Gyan Sujan. This was all about the comparison of Raistar vs Gyan Sujan in Free Fire.

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