X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer in Free Fire: Stats Comparison for March 2021

X-Mania and Romeo Gamer are prominent Free Fire content creators on YouTube. This article compares both based on their Free Fire stats.

X-mania vs Romeo Gamer
Comparison of X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer in Free Fire

Free Fire was amongst the most streamed battle royale games in February 2021. There has been continuous live streams and giveaways by content creators across various platforms. X-Mania and Romeo Gamer are two such content creators on YouTube. Together, they boast over 3 million subscribers on the same. Here is the most sought-after comparison of X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer in Free Fire

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X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer: Stats in Free Fire

1. X-Mania

His Free Fire UID is 97762833.

xmania - FirstSportz
X-Mania in Free Fire


xmania lifetime - FirstSportz
X-Mania Lifetime Stats

X-Mania has played 9715 squad games in Free Fire and won 2230 of them, which translates to a win rate of 23.04%. He also maintains an impressive K/D rate of 3.80 in the format as well. He has played 2871 duo matches and has won 508 out of them. Furthermore, he has featured in 2990 solo modes and was the last man on 419 occasions.


xmania ranked - FirstSportz
X-Mania Ranked Stats

In the ranked squad mode, the content creator has played 111 games and has secured 20 of them, and possesses 265 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 5.17 and a win rate of 23.8%. He also played 38 ranked duo matches and won 6 of them registering over 140 kills.

2. Romeo Gamer

His Free Fire UID is 137719383.

romeo - FirstSportz
Romeo Gamer in Free Fire


romeo lifetime - FirstSportz
Romeo Gamer’s Lifetime Stats

He has featured in 14267 squad games and triumphed in 4327 of them, translating to a win percentage of 30.26%. Moreover, he has played 4110 duo matches and won 570 of them. Finally, in the solo mode, he has played only 5289 securing 22497 kills and winning 870 of them. He also maintains a 16.63% win rate in the solo mode.


romeo ranked - FirstSportz
Romeo Gamer’s Ranked Stats

In the on-going ranked season, the popular YouTuber Romeo Gamer has been a part of just 102 squad matches, winning 43 of them. Also, he has been a part of 54 matches in the duo mode with over 145 kills. Lastly in the solo mode, Romeo Gamer has featured in 26 matches and also has an incredible K/D rate of 5.20. In the process, he has bagged over 161 kills in the same.

X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer

On comparison, it is quite clear that Romeo Gamer has a slight edge over X-Mania in the squad mode. Romeo Gamer has a better K/D rate and also beats the latter by a huge margin when it comes to the win percentage.

Both the YouTuber have been active in the ongoing ranked season. However, Romeo Gamer dominates X-Mania in the solo and duo modes. Furthermore, in the squad mode, X-Mania comparatively has more win rate and K/D rate of 4.6. This was all about the comparison of X-Mania vs Romeo Gamer in Free Fire.

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