Controllers In Valorant Explained

This article showcases the different controller agents in valorant and their different abilities


Controllers are often regarded as the follow-up fraggers of the team. They are known to set the site up using their vision blocking abilities to slice up the site or parts of the map in order to win the round. They are often expected to enter the site after or even along with the duelists. There are 4 controllers in Valorant. In this article, we will be looking at them and their abilities and how they are useful in combat. This is the Controllers In Valorant Explained:

Controllers In Valorant Explained
Controllers In Valorant Explained 1

Controllers In Valorant Explained:


Controllers In Valorant Explained
Controllers In Valorant Explained 2

Nationality: Unkown

Basic Ability 1: Shrouded Step- Use to see a marked location few steps in front of you. Trigger to teleport to that location

Basic Ability 2: Paranoia- Equip a flashing shroud that travels in a straight line, blinding everyone in its path

Signature Ability: Dark Cover- Place a smoke at any location you mark within its range

Ultimate Ability: From the shadows- Teleport to any location on the map. Use again while still in effect to cancel the ability

Omen is one of the most popular controllers. Almost every team from the silver ranks to the pro teams usually have an Omen on their team. His smoke and flashing abilities are often used to set the site for the attack or covering the entry points and stopping the pushes on the defensive side. His shrouded step ability is used to hold spots that are unexpected. His ultimate is widely used to successfully fake sites

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2. Brimstone:

Controllers In Valorant Explained
Controllers In Valorant Explained 3

Nationality: American

Basic Ability 1: Stim beacon- Toss a beacon in front of you immediately creating a radius inside which all teammates and Brimstone are granted high fire rate, faster reload and faster weapon swap

Basic Ability 2: Incendiary- Fire a molotov dealing damage to anyone who comes in contact with it

Signature Ability: Sky smoke- Place 3 different smokes anywhere on the map blocking enemy vision

Ultimate Ability: Orbital Strike- Launch an airstrike on the selected location that deals heavy area damage to players inside it

This American controller is known for his traditional abilities. His stim beacon is often used during post-plant situations to increase the firepower of the team. His smokes are used to setup the site for the attack and to block off entry points on the defense. His molotov is used to flush out enemies from their hiding spots. His ultimate is a very powerful one that is effective in clearing out large portions of the map or sometimes even whole sites in order to gain map control


Controllers In Valorant Explained
Controllers In Valorant Explained 4

Nationality: American

Basic Ability 1: Snake Bite- Launch a toxic pit over a small area of effect, damaging enemies that come in contact with it while also leaving them in the vulnerable state

Basic Ability 2: Poison Cloud- Launch a emitter which when re-used, launches a cloud of toxic gas blocking vision while also dealing damage to players inside it. It can be used many times in the course of the round at the cost of toxin fuel

Signature Ability: Toxic Screen- Fire emitters along a straight line. These emitters can also be fired through walls. When re-used, these emitters create a wall of toxic gas dealing quick damage to anyone who passes through it. It also blocks vision on both the sides.

Ultimate Ability: Viper Pit- Cover a large portion of the area around Viper in a thick, toxic cloud that deals damage to players inside it, bringing their health down to 1HP. It also limits the vision to anyone inside it. Viper either needs to remain inside it or enter it every 15 seconds to keep it active. Deactivates if Viper dies

Viper, was once regarded as one of the worst controllers in Valorant. Thanks to a series of buffs, over the course of 3 months, she is now one of the most relevant characters in the meta. Her walls are used to enter the sites while safely marking off large portions of the site. Her poison cloud blocks important choke points quickly. Her snakebite is very effective in post plant situations to keep enemies off the spike and waste their time.

4. Astra:

Controllers In Valorant Explained
Controllers In Valorant Explained 5

Nationality: Ghanian

Basic Ability 1: Gravity well- Activate a star to form a gravity well that pulls all players inside it, slowing them down and leaving them vulnerable

Basic Ability 2: Nova Pulse- Activate a star to trigger a nova pulse which when triggered, concusses all players inside its radius

Basic Ability 3: Nebula- Activate a star to launch a smoke that blocks enemy vision.

Signature Ability: Astral Form- Use to place stars around the map which can then be triggered to use basic abilities

Ultimate Ability: Cosmic Divide- Create a huge astral divide across the map blocking all enemy vision, bullets and abilities acorss it from both side

Astra is a very recent addition to the game. This controller can potentially even place 5 clouds of smokes around the map making her one of the most versatile agents in the game. Her abilities are used to block off choke or entry point and slow down rushes. Astra can also retract her stars and redeploy them elsewhere. In doing so, it creates a cloud of smoke for a brief period of time before retracting.

These were the different controllers in Valorant. these are mostly played by the aggressive support players of the team and are expected to get moderately high frags following the duelists closely on the scoreboard while also setting up areas of the site for their team to gain significant map control

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