COVID-19 Pandemic: Liverpool Announced To Distribute Cookies To More Than 300 Pharmacies

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On Saturday, Liverpool decided to distribute batches of cookies to more than 300 pharmacies across Merseyside as a token of their hardwork and contribution in this difficult time.

The staff volunteers from the club and LFC Foundation will distribute this cookies. Matt Parish, who is the director of LFC foundation said this will be a small token of appreciation from ourself for the frontline workers.

“This is just a small token of our appreciation and thanks to pharmacists and pharmacy staff who are working on the frontline daily, away from their families, and being so selfless to help provide essential support,” Parish said in a statement.

“We hope these treats put a smile on their faces and act as a reminder of our heartfelt thanks,” he added.

The number of cases of Novel Coronavirus reached up to 2.8 million people and have taken over 200,000 lives across the glob.


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