Craig Tiley justifies the preferential treatment for top-players by calling it a ‘nature of business’

Tennis Boss, Craig Tiley opened up on preferential treatment for Djokovic, Nadal, Serena and others at Australian Open 2021 bubble.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

Tennis Australia had newly introduced the ‘two-bubble’ system of quarantining for players participating at the Australian Open. According to the same, top players are being to allowed to stay and train in Adelaide where as the remaining players are made to quarantine in Melbourne with poor conditions.

Besides the preferential treatment to top players, there has been a gunfire of complaints received by the CEO of Tennis Australia, Mr. Craig Tiley regarding the poor quality of food and from the 72 players who are under a hard lockdown because their fellow passengers tested COVID-19 positive upon arrival.

“If you’re at the top of the game, You are going to get a better deal” – Craig Tiley 

Craig Tiley

Recently, Tiley organized a video conference with over 500 players to address their complaints. A particular issue raised by players was the preferential treatment given to the top-players by allowing them to stay and train in Adelaide. Top-ranked players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams and many others are currently in Adelaide.

Post the conference, Tiley admitted that the top-players had a slight advantage over the other players however he justified his statement by saying that it’s the ‘nature of the business’ for a top-ranked player to get a better deal.

“I get the feeling it is perceived as preferential treatment. But they’re the top players in the world. My general rule is if you’re at the top of the game, a Grand Slam champion, it’s just the nature of the business. You are going to get a better deal,”  Tiley said.

The tennis boss and his team have worked tirelessly amidst the global pandemic to get the confirmation on the opening Major which is set to begin on February 8th.

Tiley further mentioned that the players have adapted well as per the quarantine protocols and is confident of having a successful Australian Open.

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