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Creator Clash 2 to be MMA? iDubbbz talks practical details of the sport and if it could be the format for Creator Clash 2

iDubbbz opened up about the possibility of the second Creator Clash being in the MMA format and here's all you need to know!

On May 14, 2022, at the Yuengling Centre in Tampa, Florida, the biggest ever event for Influencer Boxing was held. It was none other than the creator Clash hosted by iDubbbz.

It hasn’t even been a proper week ever since and people are already talking about a second Creator Clash and who might participate in the event this time around.

Will Creator Clash 2 be MMA? iDubbbz explains

The Influencer Boxing trend has been on the rise ever since the first ever such match took place. Ever since then, we have seen major influencers step into the ring to prove their strength against their rivals.

Jake Paul at one of his boxing matches

Big names including Logan Paul, Jake Paul, among many more have indulged themselves in the sport of Boxing and have actually put up amazing fights against some well seasoned veterans of the sport.

After seeing a massive amount of success in the first Creator Clash event which was hosted in the city of Tampa, Florida, iDubbbz is already planning the second installment of the Charity fight event series.

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In an interview with Dexerto, iDubbbz was asked about the possibility of the next creator clash being in an MMA format. To which he replied, “It’s not out of the question, I think what I’ve learned is there’s a lot of intricacies to learn in the sport of boxing. You could go so high in skill level, and MMA is just like another added layer of complexity.”

Creator Clash 2 to be MMA? iDubbbz talks practical details of the sport and if it could be the format for Creator Clash 2 2

Seeing to his comments, it would seem that iDubbbz is ready to make the Creator Clash into a mixed martial arts event if possible. All that’s stopping him is the skill level of most influencers being at an amateur level and taking the event MMA would only increase the amount of skill required of the participating creators.

iDubbbz at the Creator Clash fighting Dr.Mile

Opening up about the possibility of a second Creator Clash. iDubbbz said “It’s all a possibility right now. We haven’t for sure decided anything. We’re still trying to tabulate everything from this past event and see if it’s something worth doing. It’s one of those things where we hesitate to commit to it. We really just sort of wanted to do this thing one and done. The initial goal was to just fight RiceGum, get a fight out there, and be done with it.”

iDubbbz shed some light as to whether or not will there actually be a second Creator Clash and as soon as he has an answer, you know so will we.

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