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“Trying to get some sleep here” – David Warner Takes a Light Jab at his Ashes Rival Stuart Broad on Twitter

Australian opener David Warner funnily mocks England pacer Stuart Broad on Twitter for potentially ruining his sleep just a few months before the Ashes 2021 in Australia.

David Warner is one of the best openers of this generation. He is a true beast regardless of the format and can give any bowler a run for their money on his day.


However, in the last Ashes series, Warner was kept silent by England’s Stuart Broad. He sent back warner to the pavilion numerous times and it was one of the biggest reasons why the series was levelled up.

There is still some time for the Ashes 2021, but the rivalry between the two sides never fails to entertain cricket fans. Today, David Warner wrote a funny tweet that triggered many England fans.


He wrote, “Trying to get some sleep here in Aus (Australia) but this bloke pops up on my tv screen!! Few months to get some sleep before the Ashes down under.

Warner’s tweet was in regard to England’s Stuart Broad bowling during their match against New Zealand. While it’s quite obvious it was nothing but a joke on Warner’s part, it proved how competitive the two sides are both on and off the court.

When will David Warner and Stuart Broad face off again?

David Warner (Photo – Cricket Australia)

This year’s Ashes are scheduled to take place in December 2021. The Australians will be hosting the touted competition and will hope to win it as well.

However, if we take the current rankings into consideration, the England cricket team is miles ahead of Aussies in terms of points. Currently, England 3,493 points to their name compared to Australia’s 1844. Despite the huge gap in points, the Aussies are just one rank below in the latest ICC Test rankings.

Whatever be the case, it will be exciting to witness the face off between David Warner and Stuart Broad in this year’s edition of the Ashes.

Which player do you think will come out on top? Is it Warner or Broad? Let us know your views in the comments section down below.

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