Michael Vaughan Suggests to ‘Call off the Ashes’ For This Crucial Reason

If England's players are forced to spend 4 months away from their families, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan believe the Ashes 2021 should be called off.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan

Former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan expressed the desire to call of this year’s Ashes. The Ashes is an iconic Test series played between Australia and England.

If both teams’ boards stick to the current schedule, the two sides will lock horns in December 2021. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is a chance, the English players won’t be allowed to travel with their families to Australia.

Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen on Ashes 2021

Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen
Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen

According to many reports in the U.K. there is still uncertainty whether or not the England cricket team will be allowed to travel with their families to Australia. In response to those reports, Michael Vaughan said:

“Read reports today that England cricketers may not be able to have family members with them down under this winter… Quite simply if they can’t they should call the Ashes off .. 4 months away from your family is totally unacceptable.”

While Vaughan has definitely made a valid point, the final decision is yet to be rolled out in public. In addition to Vaughan, former England batsman, Kevin Pietersen supported Vaughan’s tweet.

Any ENG player that pulls out of this Ashes, if they seriously can’t see their families for FOUR MONTHS, has my full backing. Families are the most important part of a player’s make up. And even more so in the current climate! FOUR MONTHS with no family on Ashes Tour?” said Pietersen.

Well there is still a lot of time before the final decision will be released. Hopefully, the Australian cricket board will take the right decision. If they make a rushed decision, it could lead to one of the most iconic Test series being called off this year.

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