Simulated Reality League Cricket: A welcome sight for cricket lovers amid a pandemic

Parimatch International has come up with a great alternative for fans to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes as the pandemic ravages the world

Simulated Reality League Cricket
Simulated Reality League Cricket

As cricket is slowly trying to get on its feet amid a pandemic, Parimatch International, a leading entertainment company, has added a Simulated Reality League cricket to its list of sports products. The league allows India fans to enjoy the game despite no games being played by the Indian stars.

The ongoing pandemic has been a cause of concern for one and all across the globe. One of the most affected communities is that of cricket fans in India, who are yet to witness a limited overs match from the stands. To add to their woes, the Indian Premier League got called off midway owing to a string of COVID-19 cases in the bio bubbles.

We’re saddened to see the way Covid-19 crisis surge has hit India and agree with BCCI’s decision to suspend IPL keeping everyone’s safety in mind. Having said that, we at Parimatch International also believe in ensuring that our fans are able to take their minds off the grim situation once in while and hence we are glad we can offer a momentary escape. We are happy that we are able to give our fans a chance to keep engaging with the IPL through Simulation Reality League,” said Dmitrity Belianin, CMO at Parimatch International.

By presenting the #ParimatchPremierLeague to our users, we’ve managed to bridge the gap between the joy of sport and stay-at-home orders, letting them test their cricket wits and knowledge against one of the best machine learning algorithms in the business. We hope IPL fans enjoy it and pray we do it like old times once things are better in India!

What is Simulated Reality League Cricket?

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The Simulated Reality League cricket virtually simulates the results of a cricket game, providing the fans with an immersive experience. At a glance, it seems like one is watching a real cricket game as it simulates the game on a ball-by-ball basis. An advanced algorithm that gathers statistical data about all cricket matches is working behind the scenes.

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It makes sure the users experience a real-life cricket game, in terms of the outcomes. The SRL is available for two of the most popular leagues in the World, IPL and BBL, along with a Super Sixes event which is the only international cricket championship simulated virtually. The efficient use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning makes it resemble real matches.

Apart from simulating matches for fans, the SRL provides a platform for people to bet on the various aspects of the game. It even comes with exciting new bonuses for new users and up to 12,000 INR in bonuses for active users.

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