Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant in Valorant

Post Plants scenarios can often be the decider of which way the match goes. Today, we will compare the two Sentinel Agents Killjoy and determine the better agent for a post plant in Valorant.

Post plant situations are the decider of a round for the attackers in Valorant. Holding off a site after planting the spike from the enemies can be often tricky, as there are so many different spots to cover and angles to hold.

It also may not be necessary that all the players of your team are alive. In this article, we will compare two sentinels, Cypher and Killjoy to conclude the better agent in post-plant situations.

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Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant:


Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant
Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant in Valorant 1

This Moroccan agent is the epitome of information gathering. His various abilities can be used to hold down various spots and angles on the map. His tripwire hooks can be used at spots like Garage on split or defender spawn on Haven A site to mark it off so that there is one lesser spot to watch for.

His Cyber Cages are effective to stop retake executes, for example blocking the enemies off from entering into the site on places like Defender Spawn on the Ascent B site. His cam is also useful in post plants.

Cypher can place a cam on-site, go to a safe spot, and then use his cam view to spot out any enemies near him or the spike and stop them from gaining any more control. His ultimate ability can also be used to gain information on any enemies that are trying to retake, and from which side are they trying to retake.


Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant
Cypher vs Killjoy, who is better in a post plant in Valorant 2

Killjoy is an agent that uses technology to her advantage in battle. Her alarmbots can be used in a way similar to that of Cypher, to mark off whole areas of the map. Her turrets are rather useful to defend the spike from a safe spot.

For example, Killjoy can place her turrets looking towards the spike or even a common entry point, to catch off enemies entering through there or to delay the defuse. When the opponents destroy the turret, it supplies additional info of the weapon they are wielding. Her Nanoswarm Grenades are probably the most useful out of any operator in a post-plant situation.

Killjoy can place them on the spike, take a safe position, and then wait out the enemies. When the enemies get on the spike to defuse it, Killjoy can hear the defuse sound and set her Nanoswarms to go off, dealing heavy damage to any opponent still on the defuse. Her ultimate is also equally effective.

Killjoy and her teammates can safely retreat to a safe spot, begin the lockdown around the halfway point of the spike going off and regain site control, thus delaying the defuse significantly


Both of these agents are good enough for a post plant however, Killjoy clearly gain the edge over Cypher. Her Nanoswarms and turrets are highly effective in post plant situations. Her ultimate is almost too overpowered when used as it gives a lot of map control to the team using it. Cypher’s abilities is not as effective as Killjoy’s in a post plant.

His tipwires and cyber cages can mark off spots on the map but they are not very impactful in directly helping the post plants. The same is the case for Cypher’s camera as it does not directly help in defuse denial.

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