Daddy Calling Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, YouTube rank, income and more for September 2021

Daddy Calling Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, YouTube rank, income and more for September 2021

Daddy Calling is one of the best Free Fire players and he is popular among the masses for his gameplay. Here, we will get to know Daddy Calling Free Fire ID, stats, K/Ratio, YouTube rank, income, and more for September 2021.


Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game on the mobile gaming platform. The developers keep adding fresh and localized content in the game which makes players stick around more. Some popular Collaborations has brought some fortune to the game as the game had partnerships with popular personalities like Christiano Ronaldo, Alok, KSHMR and many more. One of the emerging and enigmatic players of Free Fire is Daddy Calling. Let us know more about him such as FF UID, stats, income, YT rank and other details.

Daddy Calling Free Fire ID

daddy calling free fire uid
daddy calling level

Daddy Calling Free Fire ID is ‘237647354‘. Daddy Calling in-game alias is ĐᴀDĐʏCᴀʟʟIɴ₲. he belongs to Maharastra.

His level in Free Fire is one of the highest levels in the India server and he is at 92 level currently.


Daddy Calling stats

daddy calling free fire
lifetime stats

Lifetime Squad Stats

Win rate22.83%
Headshot Rate22.33%

Lifetime duo Stats

Win rate15.46%
Headshot rate23.82%

Lifetime Solo Stats

Win rate7.23%
Headshot rate25.15%

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CS Career

daddy calling free fire
CS Career
Win rate59.11%
Headshot rate32.41%

Ranked Stats

ranked stats

The creator account has been disabled temporarily and for that reason, he has not played any games in the new ranked season 23.

Note: The Daddy Calling’s Free Fire stats and earnings are to the date of the article written.


Daddy Calling YouTube Channel, Rank, and Earnings

Daddy Calling has joined YouTube in the first week of April this year and his first video dates back to April 25, 2021. The first video of the game contains his FF level and he has crossed level 90 by that time. Since then, Maharastra’s content creator has uploaded 85 videos on the YouTube channel which is named after his In-game alias. Currently, the channel has more than 758K subscribers and his videos have garnered more than 30 million overall views. Click here to visit his channel.

Earnings and Rank

daddy calling free fire
image via Social Blade

According to Social Blade, Daddy Calling’s estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $4.5K and $71.5K. Meanwhile, her yearly earnings are between $53.6K and $858.4K. The creator has bagged more than 17.3 million views and over 307K subscribers in the past 30 days. Her channel ranks at 42,361st rank when it comes to Subscriber numbers in the world.

Daddy Calling’s social media profiles

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