Damian Priest is loved backstage for his work on WWE Raw

WWE star Damian Priest made the move from NXT to the main roster. Priest has impressed everyone backstage with his performance on WWE Raw.

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Damian Priest was pushed from WWE NXT to Raw

The newest WWE talent to be pushed from WWE’s NXT brand to the main roster is Damian Priest. Priest debuted on the main roster with an appearance on WWE’s Royal Rumble. Since then, Priest has prominently featured on the Monday-night Raw episodes.

The former NXT North American Champion has impressed the management backstage. Recently, a report on Fightful Select mentioned that Priest is ‘extremely well-liked’ behind the scenes. Seemingly, WWE has been offering a “full-plate” to Priest for his appearances on Raw to test his capabilities and he has impressed everyone.

Road ahead for Damian Priest

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Priest appears with Bad Bunny on Raw

WWE started a feud between Priest and the team of Miz and Morrison at Royal Rumble. The former NXT star was responsible for eliminating the duo in the battle royale match. But, this feud has also involved celebrity rapper, bad Bunny.

But, the decision of pairing Bad Bunny with Damian Priest has received unfavorable reaction from the WWE Universe. Reportedly, WWE is planning a tag team match between them at Wrestlemania 37.

Priest recently helped Bad Bunny in winning the WWE 24/7 Championship. The rapper has started training at WWE’s Performance Center in order to prepare for his big debut. In case, the match is finalized for Wrestlemania 37, we might see them on the kick-off show.

Wrestlemania 37 will be a two-night affair. WWE’s biggest event of the year will air live on 10th and 11th April, 2021.

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