Dana White is not happy with judges after Max Halloway Vs Alexander Valkousvski controversial results

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Dana white, in the aftermath of UFC 251, was not happy at all with the judges following the controversy in the co-main event. Max Halloway took on Alexander Valkousvski in the co-main event at UFC 251 for the UFC featherweight championship. This match was a rematch of their bout at UFC 245.

That bout saw Alexander take the belt off of Halloway. This match turned out to be a slugfest, with Max Halloway putting Alexander down twice in Round 1 and round 2. Alexander came back in Round 3, and the 4th and 5th rounds were both pretty close, before Alexander took over in Round 5. Max lost in controversial fashion to Alexander again with a split decision, with all the judges scoring round 3 for Alexander and only one scoring Round 5 for Max.

He chastised the judges for their unfair scoring in the match and was livid due to their decision. Dana was also angry with the referee Leon Roberts who oversaw the match between Jose Aldo vs Petr Yen.

The Bantamweight title fight took place to crown a new champion after Henry Cejudo, the champ at the time, announced his retirement. Aldo lost to Mr. No Mercy in round 5 via strikes. Yan bludgeoned Aldo with ground and pound, with him only putting up token defense.

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Dana, while not officially naming the Referee, ripped the refereeing saying it was “Horrible”. He also complimented Aldo despite his loss. During the match, it looked like there were several opportunities where Leon could have stopped the fight, but he gave junior mac full chance to get back in the fight, even as Yan rained punches and strikes on him.

Yan, on the other hand, said he had no trouble with the call. As of right now, three more events are left on Fight Island which will happen in the course of the next two weeks.

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Dana white, with no state commission to decide who judges the fight like it happens every time in the states, is free to get his own judges and a new referee if he feels like he has to “toughen up judges and referees”. In the United States, the state athletic commission decides the judges due to the nature of combat sport of UFC.

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UFC announced that they would be holding event on Yas island in Abu Dhabi due to the corona virus pandemic, which is a man made island where they have previously held fights.

While the initial idea of fights on an island brought to mind “Enter The Dragon” and a sort of lawless atmosphere on a remote island, the reality is far different. Yas Island features three fully-functional theme parks and a fourth currently under construction, as well as an airport, seven hotels, a golf course and an arena.

The first event on Yas Island was UFC 251 on July 11. The promotion will now hold Fight Night events on July 15, 18 and 25. The July 15 card is a rare Wednesday UFC event as they hold four events over three weeks on the island.

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