“He was very instrumental”- Dana White credits Joe Rogan for helping the sport grow to new heights

Dana White believes Joe Rogan played a crucial part in UFC's success, his skills behind the mic really helped people connect with the world of MMA.

Dana White on Joe Rogan

UFC is the biggest MMA promotion in the whole entire world, their president Dana White took the company to new heights under his management, and he believes many things weighed in to make this happen. Every fighter’s ultimate dream is to join and compete in the UFC, they’ve got the most talented fighters on this planet, and if their recent performance has been any indication, then this company will sit on the top for a long time to come.

When the whole world was in complete lockdown because of Coronavirus, UFC kept on operating and organized many events to entertain fans all around the world. In his interview with legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas on his podcast, The Fight With Teddy Atlas co-hosted by Ken Rideout, UFC President Dana White talked about the stark differences between the UFC and Showtime Sports, which is responsible for organizing and promoting boxing matchups. 

“The guy over Showtime, whatever his name is, is a jackass. The truth of the matter is we are the largest pay-per-view provider on Earth, said White. “When you talk about Showtime, Showtime is a very very small universe… Not a lot of people have showtime so when these fights happen, there aren’t a lot of people watching them. I am on ESPN, you know, and there’s a big difference,” continued White.

Dana White believes no one is as good as Joe Rogan when it comes to commentating

Dana White and Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a long-time UFC fight commentator and analyst, Dana believes he is one of those guys who really helped the sport reach new heights. In the same interview, he said, “Joe Rogan was so … first of all passionate about the sport, number one. Number two, so good at walking you through what was going on before it even started to happen. You know, to have a guy like him behind the mic was very instrumental in helping to build the sport.”

Anyone who has watched Rogan’s work will know what Dana is talking about, Rogan is a crazy MMA enthusiast, and he claims he has a different compartment in his head for stories all these amazing fights, during a recent episode of his podcast, he said, “If you talk to my wife and ask her what she told me about 10 minutes ago, I will not remember what the f**k she said. There’s a lot of s**t I don’t remember. But I have like storage units in my brain.”

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