Daniel Bryan is officially banned from WWE Smackdown

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan lost his match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns and has now been banned from performing on Smackdown.

roman reigns daniel bryan
Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan

The latest episode of WWE Smackdown saw Daniel Bryan in action against Roman Reigns in the main event. The Universal Championship was on the line, but at the same time, a loss for Bryan meant being banned from the Blue brand.

Reigns emerged victorious in the brutal match, and now Bryan is banned from performing on WWE Smackdown. The duo went back and forth throughout the match in which both of them were dominant in phases.

Bryan focused on attacking Roman’s right arm, and it seemed like he would pull of an upset and become the Universal Champion. But Roman changed his offense and managed to win with his raw strength and power.

Reigns defeated Bryan cleanly. The leader of the Yes Movement passed out when The Tribal Chief applied the Guillotine. But that wasn’t all. After the match Reigns hit Bryan with a conchairto. Cesaro ran in to make the save, but Reigns and Jey Uso managed to fight him off too.

Road ahead for Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

daniel bryan roman reigns cesaro
Cesaro is Roman Reigns’ next challenger

The ending of the Smackdown episode confirmed that Cesaro is the next opponent for Roman Reigns. The ending even managed to make the feud personal for the Swiss Cyborg. But before he goes after Reigns, Cesaro has to take care of Seth Rollins next week.

The future for Daniel Bryan might be very interesting. While various reports have been suggesting that Bryan might move to a new promotion, but Dave Meltzer has mentioned that Bryan could move to NXT. This is a possibility as Bryan has just been banned from performing on Smackdown.  

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