Daniel Bryan reveals his favorite wrestling style

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan revealed that his favorite style of wrestling is Puerto Rican. Bryan is currently aiming for a Royal Rumble win.

Daniel Bryan

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has revealed his favorite wrestling style to be Puerto Rican style of wrestling. He even believes that the particular style has the most application in WWE. One of the strongpoints of this style, according to Bryan, is that it brings out the emotions in the wrestler as well as the fans.

Bryan is currently a part of the WWE Smackdown roster. He has worked as an in-ring performer as well as a backstage official. Bryan has had a really illustrious career in WWE. But an achievement that still eludes him is a Royal Rumble win.

Bryan’s style of wrestling is influenced by the Puerto Rican wrestling style

Daniel Bryan in action

Daniel Bryan recently appeared for an interview with Lucha Libre Online. Bryan revealed during the interview that Puerto Rican style of wrestling helped him improve as a wrestler. The physicality of this style of wrestling is what made the form even more exciting.

So one of the things that I’ve always thought about Puerto Rican wrestling is that it’s one of the most applicable styles to WWE. I feel like they’ve always understood what really gets to people’s emotions. Puerto Rican wrestling for a long time was and is a very physical style. A lot of punching a lot, a lot of kicking and all that kind of stuff. I love the history of Puerto Rican wrestling.”

Daniel Bryan’s style of wrestling has seamlessly integrated the Puerto Rican style. His high-flying maneuvers, submission moves and the entire move-set is heavily inspired from the wrestling style.

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